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  1. Wonderful Wrapping Paper Arrives!

    April 2, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    To go with the gorgeous ribbons I told you about a couple of days ago, we just received a shipment of beautiful wrapping paper too!

    Some fun pink and blue polka dots and hot air balloons for baby gifts over at Sweet Violet and some gorgeous thick and solid wrap for Pineapple Street in Pool Blue, Salmon, Celery, Chocolate, Grey, and Craft!

    Just imagine these elegant solid papers with one of our sophisticated grosgrain bows?  I can’t wait!

    Wrapping Paper at Sweet Violet

    Wrapping Paper at Sweet Violet

    Wrapping Paper at Pineapple Street

    Wrapping Paper at Pineapple Street

    The possibilities are endless…



  2. Cover Girl Cobi!

    April 1, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    If you live in Toronto’s West End be sure to pick up a copy of Good Life Mississauga Magazine for a wonderful cover story on my friend and mentor Cobi Ladner.  As you may have read here before, Cobi was my very first boss out of school at Canadian House & Home Magazine where she was the long-time, much-loved editor in chief.


    Cobi of course has gone on to found and head Cobistyle – her lifestyle brand that encompasses furniture, fabrics, accessories, and most recently a nation-wide line of home goods at Sears.  I’ve been seeing some of her newest spring goodies for Sears (think cheerful outdoor plates, glasses and accessories) on social media and need to get out to my local Sears to check them out!

    Some of Cobi’s new items at Sears

    cobistyle at Sears

    cobistyle at Sears

    These cheerful green gingham melamine plates with scalloped edge are so preppy and perfect for Spring!

    cobistyle at Sears

    cobistyle at Sears

    And this bedding ensemble inspired by classic Blue Willow china would look wonderful in so many spaces!

    Above you see Cobi surrounded by a selection of Cobistyle items from a photo shoot I was honoured to style recently.  So nice to see it grace the cover and so nice to see Cobi looking so great and full of life, in charge of her destiny and loving every minute!

    Way to go Cobi!

  3. Martha By Mail Ribbon for New Shop!

    March 31, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    Some of you will remember Martha By Mail.

    It was the mail order branch of Martha Stewart Living – a catalogue full of the most beautiful and well-crafted items, many of which were hard or impossible for the average reader to find locally.  In response to the demand for such goods, the Martha Stewart team created the merchandise business that is sorely missed today.  I still have a catalogue or two from the good old days and flip through it for inspiration from time to time.




    Well I recently became the proud owner of some of the original ribbon and seam binding from Martha By Mail’s original supplier who is based right here in Oshawa Ontario!  Yes indeed I was treated to the purchase of some custom-dyed-for-Martha ribbon that will soon be available for purchase as part of our gift wrap/cards section at Pineapple Street.  Supply is very limited so keep an eye out for it.


    I was also able to buy the very last Martha By Mail ribbon sorter too!  Originally an idea in the pages of the magazine, the ribbon sorter was a DIY project that was translated into merchandise for the brand.  The idea still appears on marthastewart.com today and looks like this.



    Well here’s the one I was able to snag and will be part of the store at Pineapple Street when we open on Saturday April 5th.  Thank you to Steven for the ribbon and sorter and thank you to Martha By Mail for all of the inspiration!

    Ribbon at Pineapple Street Whitby

    Ribbon at Pineapple Street Whitby

  4. Easter Goodies At Penney & Company!

    March 29, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    This weekend was a little bit milder – wasn’t it?  Spring IS on it’s way and so is Easter!  We’ve got your Easter table covered with spring napkins, bunny-and-carrot salt and pepper shakers, ornaments for your child’s Easter Tree and more!

    There are also some carved stone-like bunnies that have been hopping off the shelves (not shown).

    So hurry in while there’s still some vintage-inspired Easter goodies left!

    Easter Goodies At Penney & Co

    Easter Goodies At Penney & Co

    The Bunny is the Salt and his Carrot is the Pepper!

    The Bunny is the Salt and his Carrot is the Pepper!




  5. Progress At Pineapple Street Shop!

    March 28, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    It’s getting green in here!  Both through paint, plants and a floral cooler for beautiful fresh flowers!

    Pineapple Street in progress

    Pineapple Street in progress

    Did you know Pineapple Street will carry colourful and cheerful blooms?

    While we won’t be a full service florist, we will carry flowers ‘market style‘ so that you can easily grab a bunch of something fresh and arrange yourself at home.  We’ll have vases too!

    This is the kind of flower shop I personally respond to since I usually have an idea in mind of what I’d like to create.  This keeps the costs down and puts the control in your hands.  Go for say an all-pink simple and stunning bouquet or mix and match to your heart’s content!

    This way you can skip the baby’s breath and get only what you want.  So excited to show you the new cooler!

    Pineapple Street's new floral cooler!

    Pineapple Street’s new floral cooler!

    Hey and the counter’s not looking too shabby either is it?!

  6. Pineapple Street & Sweet Violet Grand Opening!

    March 27, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    Well I may be pulling my hair out this time next week but I’ve decided to pull the trigger  - it’s time to open the brand new Pineapple Street and Sweet Violet shops in historic Downtown Whitby!

    Come support the revitalization of our beautiful downtown and kick off the Spring season – you won’t be disappointed!

    Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.59.50 AM


    ***Grand Opening will take place Saturday April 5th, 2014 at 11:00 am.  Pineapple Street is located at 125 Brock Street South, Whitby and Sweet Violet is at 124 Brock Street South, Whitby.

  7. Stella & Dot Jewelry Event (Plus Arbonne!) At Penney & Co April 9th!

    March 26, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    As a follower of michaelpenneystyle I know you like beautiful things.  Home decor is where my expertise lies but I know a pretty bauble when I see one and I’ve always admired Stella & Dot jewelry.  My wife Sara does too and I’ve got the brownie points to prove it!


    Not only does Stella and Dot make beautiful things, it seems they have a big heart too! Our brilliant friend Rebecca O’Connor and Penney & Co’s Kristin Szabo have teamed up for the second annual Jewels for MS Event happening  April 9th at Penney & Co and this year they’ve added Arbonne beauty products!  Yes the much-talked-about and Mrs. Penney approved Swiss-developed beauty line that you’ve been dying to try!


    Arbonne and Stella & Dot are teaming up to benefit the Ajax Multiple Sclorosis Society – a cause near and dear to our hearts.

    So if you want to add a few fresh pieces to your wardrobe for Spring and you’d like to scrub away the winter dull drums and get a healthy dewy glow then come out Wednesday April 9th from 7-9 PM for a drop-in style event you won’t forget.  There will be beautiful music, atmosphere, delicious goodies and of course you’ll be giving back to your community and helping an important cause.

    stella and dot 1



    Oh and if you’re a parent of a young one, Arbonne’s baby products are simply wonderful – we use the cream on Violet every night and she (and we) love it!  It makes a great shower gift too.


  8. Sweet Violet Gets Her Sign!

    March 24, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    We’re getting closer people!  As you can see the sign for Sweet Violet has arrived!

    The brand new sign!

    The brand new sign!

    Of course the name for Whitby’s newest bed, bath and baby boutique was inspired by our very own Sweet Violet – our one year old baby girl.  It was Sara’s idea from the start and she can sing you an old folk tune that chimes, “Sweet violet!  Sweeter than all the roses…”  I think she used to sing it with her granddad and it inspired the name for this wonderful new little shop.

    It’s going to be chock full (remember how small it is!) of beautiful bedding, fluffy bamboo towels, luxury soaps, quilts, cushions, throws and more and that doesn’t include the goodies for babies!

    The original Penney & Company is now officially renamed Sweet Violet!

    The original Penney & Company is now officially renamed Sweet Violet!

    For babies we have the cutest stuffed animals, wonderfully original mobiles, vintage and new dressers and change tables and beautiful customizable gliders for baby and mom to rock away to their hearts’ content!

    But one of the most exciting things we’ll offer are the Jenny Lind Cribs! Coveted  by all stylish parents-to-be, these sought after cribs are available at Sweet Violet and for a very affordable price.  But more on that later.  For now, here’s a sneak peek at one in our display window…

    Sweet Violet and the famous Jenny Lind Crib!

    Sweet Violet and the famous Jenny Lind Crib with Hot Air Balloon Mobile!

    Stay tuned for more developments!



  9. Rough & Fine At Pineapple Street

    March 21, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    I’ve always been a big believer in the combination of ‘rough‘ and ‘fine‘ when it comes to decorating.

    A room that has everything perfect and just-so feels stiff and stand-offish to me.  A room that’s all industrial and hard-edged is just one note.  The magic happens in the mix where each element brings out the best in the other.  ’Rough’ adds a little edge and takes down the formality for ‘fine’ and in turn ‘fine’ smartens ‘rough’ up adding elegance and style.

    So when it came to setting up Pineapple Street I did just this – mixed rough and fine.

    You’ll see it throughout the store but here are a couple of examples.  Since I had a long white plain old dry wall wall I thought painted white shelves would be ho hum.  Why not go really rustic with rough hewn pine shelves from floor to ceiling?!  This way the more elegant merchandise will stand out and there will be that push and pull I love.

    Rough Hewn Shelving At Pineapple Street

    Rough Hewn Shelving At Pineapple Street

    That’s 11 feet of rustic shelving people!  

    But then it was time to add some elegance and refinement, not to mention colour!  In came the wallpaper!  These old walls I inherited are textured in a way that is just not suitable for wallpapering.  So I opted to have two 4×8 sheets of MDF hung on the wall to create a dual panel installation.  The surface is smooth and we primed it to accept the wallpaper.

    I chose a fresh and exuberant pattern full of floral and fruit motifs.  It speaks to our pineapple vibe without going too literal I think.  It really makes a splash!  Here’s the paper going up!

    New Wallpaper at Pineapple Street

    New Wallpaper at Pineapple Street

    I just love it and all of the energy and happiness it brings to the space.  I’m glad we went big too with such large panels and with such a grandly scaled paper.

    Luckily we had Quality Control on site for the wallpaper installation and Ian (the wallpaper installer ) and I appreciated her discerning eye. She doesn’t miss a trick!

    Violet keeping an eye on things at Pineapple Street

    Violet keeping an eye on things at Pineapple Street

  10. In With The Old…

    March 20, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    As I mentioned before the new store (125 Brock Street South, Whitby) has been stripped of it’s historical character and charm.  Exposing the brick wall has added a lot but I had one other trick up my sleeve:  This set of gorgeous soaring antique doors!

    Beautiful Antique Doors At Pineapple Street, 125 Brock Street South Whitby

    Beautiful Antique Doors At Pineapple Street, 125 Brock Street South Whitby

    Now these doors were purchased from the Whitby History Museum and have the words Hanley’s Shoes marked on the the top.  Some long-time Whitby residents will remember Hanley’s from the Brock Street strip as a stalwart business handed down through the generations.  I also did a little digging online and found this photo!

    The Same Doors On Brock Street South in Whitby Generations Ago!

    The Same Doors On Brock Street South in Whitby Generations Ago!

    It’s of an old furniture store (coincidence?!) called Nicholson & Seldon that I believe was where Jimmy O’Toole’s Pub is today!

    And there are those beautiful doors!  

    I’m so thrilled to return them to historic Downtown Whitby and for people to enjoy their beauty once more.  They’re certainly getting the Penney & Co treatment with some fresh and cheerful paint (keeping the original door hardware exposed) and a coat of chalk paint on the glass.  Painted glass makes for an excellent chalkboard surface and can easily be razored off when you’re finished with it.  Don’t worry – I wouldn’t permanently tamper with such a wonderful piece of history.  Now they add a lovely and story-filled focal point to the soon-to-open Pineapple Street shop.


    P.S. I just noticed that the old photo is showing the opposite side of the doors with a slightly different detail on the recessed panel at the bottom.  This same detail is on the other side of our doors.  We chose to turn them around to show off the door knob and they’re actually painted a bright red on the other side with the same panel detail.


    Thank you to Whitby Archives for the photo!