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  1. Snowy Day In The Neighbourhood

    February 15, 2013 by michaelpenneystyle

    We got another dusting of snow last night in my neck of the woods but it was nothing compared to the dumping last Friday!  I mean, you think we’d be used to it up here in The Great White North, but oh no!  It’s ‘snowmagedon’ and we all panic!  I wasn’t really impressed when my very pregnant wife commuted over an hour through the storm to her school and I was doubly unimpressed when I realized that I had to shovel my store’s gigantic parking lot in addition to  the driveway at home!  The exercise probably did me good though.

    I took some photos to show you, which is no big deal if you’re from the neighbourhood, but I know there are readers from all over the world and I thought you might want to see what winter has been like around here.  Enjoy!  Fingers crossed spring is on the way soon!

    Oshawa-20130208-02281 copy 2Here’s a shot of my neighbours’ house covered in snow at 7:30 am.  It just kept snowing all day!  I can’t wait till our gardens fill in like theirs!

    Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 11.06.35 AMAnd here’s our place with one tiny little tree.  It’s a flowering crabapple I planted in the fall along with a buddy across the lawn.  Plus a little yew hedge that I hope isn’t killed by all of this winter!  You can see how I’d finished shovelling the drive and it was already beginning to turn white again.  I re-shoveled 3 or 4 times that day!

    Oshawa-20130208-02287The snow was piling up in the backyard too!  Isn’t it funny how the backyard becomes like a forgotten world in the winter?  I love to see the bunny and bird tracks in the snow since they’re it’s primary inhabitants all winter.

    Oshawa-20130208-02276More snow out front on the road – where are those ploughs?  Aren’t those stately old homes gorgeous covered in snow?  I have to say it’s a great view from our yard.  We’re very thankful.  I’m glad the snow has gone down though – for now!





  2. What's not to love about Whitby?

    May 25, 2012 by admin

    Since I was 6 I’ve lived in Whitby Ontario (with a 2 year stint in Toronto) and now I live next door in Oshawa (or Poshawa for you, my loyal readers!).  Whitby is a beautiful town full of so many wonderful places and its where I chose to set up shop and  establish Penney & Company.  My goal is to establish deep roots in this community and create a gathering place for creative types seeking to express themselves through their homes.  I can’t think of a prettier place to do it…here’s a taste of Whitby.  And if you’re not local, you should come visit!

    Whitby may have a lot of new development (seems like everyone’s caught the bug!) but it is also home to some gorgeous historic homes and neighbourhoods.  Penney & Co is a short walk from most of the houses shown here.

    The downtown core has some charming historic buildings, including this stretch of century homes that have been connected with a long verandah to create Pearson Lanes.  Full of boutiques, salons and a tea room or two, its a very pretty place to take a stroll.

    Rousseau’s is one of Whitby’s oldest and most inspiring home decor shops.  Full of fine pieces and tons of fabrics and custom options, its definitely worth a visit.  I’ve even used Rousseau’s pieces in House & Home photo shoots in the past!

    If you are making a day of it, there are lots of great local eateries, like this converted old house called Prego for amazing Italian faire.

    Historic charm meets modern achievement with old churches and civic buildings alongside futuristic spaces like the beautiful Whitby Public Library (which also has a great cafe seen here).

    The Nice Bistro (Nice, as in France) is the go-t0 spot for authentic french food with the most warm and friendly husband and wife team you’ll ever meet. And the crepes!?  Yum!

    The downtown strip where Penney & Company, is has lots of salons and spas and interesting places to check out.  There’s a fantastic cupcake shop, a seriously skilled butcher, health food shop, I could go on…



    Well I’m guessing you can see why I love my hometown, Whitby and am happy to count Penney & Company as part of the local community.  There’s lots to appreciate here and always more to discover.  Like the lakefront!  But I’ll save that for a later post…

  3. Vintage-looking Patio Furniture at Home Depot!

    May 3, 2012 by admin

    Last week I saw these great looking patio chairs for $35 at Home Depot!  I thought they were great looking and reminded me of all of those Slim Aarons and Babe Paley moments you see out there in 1960’s Palm Beach scenes.  Could be great don’t you think??

    Slim Aarons

    Here they are at my local Home Depot…

    I definitely think these chairs could exist comfortably in one of these scenes and would make  quite the stylish statement in a modern back yard today.

    Babe Paley

  4. CB2 Toronto Is Open For Business!

    February 9, 2012 by admin

    Okay for all of you Toronto downtown-ers, this maybe old news, but I wanted to share with the peeps a little farther afield…

    A while back I posted about CB2 coming to Canada.  It’s the young, hip-downtown sibling to sister store, Crate & Barrel.  Well after many delays, the store has opened at the corner of Queen West and Bathurst in Toronto.  Formerly the punk club, The Big Bop, the opening of CB2 in Toronto marks the further gentrification of Queen West and provides a flashy hub for hipster shoppers.  My advice to any hipster shoppers though, would be to mix CB2’s wares with some good old-fashioned vintage from the other shops nearby like Abraham’s Antiques.  Just to keep you street cred of course…

    Snapped on my blackberry last week…

    They were still working on the facade by the way…

    P.S. the original Big Bop/CB2 story here.

    UPDATE:  I just walked by again this morning and thought for all of you out-of-towners, the new CB2 is in the same block as the new-ish Joe Fresh mega store (with tons more selection than your average Loblaw’s), so together, they make for a fun shopping afternoon!

  5. Vintage Finds Around The City…

    February 1, 2012 by admin

    Sometimes I see things out and about that I just have to share with you.  Sometimes I buy them – more times, I don’t.  But they’re worth oohing and ahhing about either way, don’t you think?

    P.S. if I told you were I saw all of these, I’d have to kill you!  Trade secret…he he he…

    I’ve always loved this style of metal garden chair ever since spotting them in Martha Stewart’s Gardening Month By Month from the early 1990’s.  Her’s were painted a glorious green, but I spotted them this afternoon in white in the HBO Grey Gardens film too…

    This lovely little cabinet in a perfectly old and distressed paint finish really caught my eye.  It’s diminutive scale means it would fit in perfectly in many a bathroom for some decorative, unfitted storage.  I believe someone I know and work with may have bought it and had it lacquered in shiny black for a project.  But this is unconfirmed so it may still be up for grabs.  Love it!

    How perfectly classic are these bergeres? Depending on the colour scheme, I think they could work perfectly as is!  Maybe in a room with pale lilac walls and chalky white mouldings?  The tan upholstery and natural wood would be a striking pairing with lilac.

    And finally a petit little chinoiserie chandelier.  Perfect for a bedroom, a powder room or entry hall.  Sadly, I believe this one ended up in a posh Rosedale shop for much more than the original price of $145!  You snooze you lose Michael!  Curses!

  6. Cutting Our Own Christmas Tree

    December 6, 2011 by admin

    Sunday was pretty nearly a perfect day.

    Woke up (not too early, there was light), drove through the countryside to meet our good friends Anne-Louise and Jon and their daughter Emma for brunch.  Had favourite banana-nutella crepe of epic proportion (was delicious and just huge enough).  Drove to Horton’s Tree Farm to cut down our very own tannenbaum.


    Above is a picture of the tree farm.  Isn’t it ideal?  Bonus points for anyone who can name the famous Christmas movie I just quoted.

    This is a shot of me carrying our gigantic tree to the waiting tractor and wagon.  Jon and I hacked our two trees down with our bare hands (and a sharp saw) and then dragged them away.  It’s a good thing Jon is a very outdoorsy-type guy and is always prepared.  I forgot to bring gloves, a hat, and even proper footwear (my converse were soaked).  Jon was kind enough to lend me gloves and let me use his saw!  And yes, I do own one, I just forgot!

    Hot chocolate by a campfire?  Perfect.  Marshmallows?  Even better.


    Here’s our tree all bundled up and ready to go!  We brought him home, gave him a fresh cut and argued for the next hour about whether or not he was leaning to the left or right once in the stand.   All part of the fun!  Next up – the decorations!

  7. Angus & Company

    October 26, 2011 by admin

    One of my favourite stores in Toronto is Angus & Company.  Honestly I just love basically everything in there!  It’s so inspiring and since I’ve had the opportunity to visit over the last few years, I’ve gotten to know the staff and the owner, Michael Angus.  He is a wealth of information, great taste and style.  He has created a beautiful store and you should definitely visit – if not just to get your fill of ideas!

    You can find Angus & Company at 647 Dupont (Dupont and Christie) in Toronto, or call 416 537 4104.  Or visit

  8. More Fixer-Uppers in Poshawa!

    October 25, 2011 by admin

    I almost forgot to share the other houses I snapped one morning in the late summer.  All looking for someone to put in a little elbow grease and polish them up to a shine.  Just dreamy!

    This one looks like a farm house in the middle of the country!  But it’s actually in town and has a huge piece of property.

    Now this one I really like, but it’s on a really busy street.  So stately though.

    Here’s a side view of this one.

    This one’s in really bad shape but still calls my name.  Those tumbling vines!  I’ll keep dreaming if you do!

  9. Beautiful England & Scotland

    October 16, 2011 by admin

    Our good friends James & Samantha just took a dream vacation to England and Scotland at the end of the summer.  Sara and I were super jealous – it was an amazing trip!  The countryside looks so lush and verdant, the old towns and cities so quaint and romantic and the great cathedrals, castles and manors?  Well, I die.

    Just take a moment to soak in the loveliness of these photos and imagine yourself surrounded by such history and beauty.  Imagining is about all I can fit in for now, but I have got to get over there some day soon!  Sigh…

    Thank you to James & Samantha! 

  10. Give Thanks

    October 9, 2011 by admin

    Wishing you all the happiest of Thanksgivings!

    Sara and I are off for a turkey dinner with our family and I hope you have something just as fun – and delicious – planned!  Enjoy and give thanks.

    Some snapshots of a beautiful autumn day here in Oshawa, Ontario.