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Downtown Whitby Evening Shopping Event!

June 20, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

Exciting news everyone!

Come July the boutiques of Historic Downtown Whitby will open their doors late for a fun and festive shopping event!  It’s the first of it’s kind in a very long time so be sure to come out and support the local community!

There are so many new and unique businesses to explore and I’m thrilled to say it seems like the area is turning a corner.  Many people say they’d like to see fewer bars and more cute shops like you find in Port Perry.

Here’s our chance to be the change we want to see and come out and support each entrepreneur’s efforts to brighten up our little downtown!  See you there!

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 8.14.40 AM


  1. Jane says:

    You are the best thing that has happened to Whitby in a long time. Thanks Michael! Things are a changing (for the better).

    • michaelpenneystyle says:

      Thanks Jane! Tell all your friends and let’s make this happen! We can’t do it alone : )


  2. Janet says:

    This is so long overdue! Making a night of it with three friends. Can’t wait. Just what Whitby needs.

  3. Rosette says:

    Sounds awesome! I’ll definitely be there!

  4. josie says:

    i am not from whitby but would love to attend..what is the address

    • michaelpenneystyle says:

      Thanks Josie! Well it’s basically a whole bunch of stores up and down Brock Street in Downtown Whitby. Our store Pineapple Street is located at 125 Brock Street South in Whitby. That can be a good starting place for you!


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