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Berry Hill Catering & Cafe Oshawa

June 17, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

Have you heard of Berry Hill in Oshawa?

I’d been meaning to stop by many times as it’s charming facade really spoke to me!  It’s an adorable cafe and catering company in the heart of old Oshawa (on King Street across from the Scotiabank and municipal buildings).

I met the owner at her booth at the Oshawa Peony Festival on the weekend and got chatting.  Sarah is a wonderful and warm person and so on Monday Violet and I took a stroll to Berry Hill!

Berry Hill Oshawa

Berry Hill Oshawa

Berry Hill Patio Oshawa

Berry Hill Patio Oshawa

We totally devoured this delicious berry tart!  I know I’ll be back for more…You should check it out!

My delicious tart - yes Violet got some!

My delicious tart – yes Violet got some!

Visit the Berry Hill Facebook page here.


  1. Sue says:

    Is Berry Hill beside Spicy Affairs (great Indian restaurant)? Nice to know new restaurants are opening in the Shwa.

    • michaelpenneystyle says:

      I think it is Sue – I think they’ve been around at least a year or more. You should check ’em out!


  2. Chloe says:

    Looks adorable (love the light fixture!). I will definitely check it out. It seems like it is in the same area as Isabella’s, which is also a great coffee/sweets shop.

  3. Eleanor says:

    On a cold winter’s day,recently, a friend and I decided to get out for a tea and chat. We were very pleasantly surprised by the friendly staff, excellent service and absolutely delicious pot of tea that we shared. What a lovely cafe. I also looked at the menu and will definitely be returning.

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