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New Take On Granny Square Blanket

December 16, 2013 by michaelpenneystyle

I love when you take an old idea and make it new again.  Sometimes for the fun of it, I try to re-imagine old decorating looks combined with something more current just to see if it could work again in a new context.  Usually the answer is YES!

This craft is a case in point.  Remember Granny Square blankets and afghans?  The kind your grandma crocheted?  I remember them in people’s trailers, cottages on on the back of Rosanne’s sofa on her working class sitcom.


If you think they’re dated and tacky, check out this fresh spin from The Purl Bee (Purl Soho’s blog).  How fresh and inspiring!  Perfect for crafty hands on a cold winter’s day and even more perfect to cuddle beneath.







  1. Cobi Ladner says:

    OMG! I love it!! I want it!! I wonder if we could do a version for cobistyle? It would never be as good as homemade but could still be very cute. Thanks for sharing Michael!

  2. Tamra says:

    Cobi needs my quilts!

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