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Buckets Full Of Blooms!

December 4, 2013 by michaelpenneystyle

This morning I battled through rush hour traffic just to get to my favourite flower market in Yorkville and to scoop up arm loads of flowers.  Yes, it’s one of the best parts of what I do – wandering through aisles chock full of the freshest, most lush and lovely flowers for a styling project or photo shoot.

Today was no exception and I grabbed so many things that I couldn’t even see properly beyond my armloads to get back to my car!  I’m sure I looked hilarious!


This flower-run was for a Style At Home Magazine photo shoot happening tomorrow and I’m so excited.  We’ll be capturing a beautiful Whitby home all dressed for the holidays complete with a roaring fire.

Stay tuned for that in the pages of Style At Home Magazine and wish me luck!






  1. It will be a brilliant shoot as always Michael.. have fun and we will all look forward to seeing it – mags typically shoot a year in advance for holidays, so I’m assuming it’s for 2014?

  2. Deirdre Cerasa says:

    Everything you do is gorgeous, Michael! I am sure the owners of the Whitby house are thrilled to have you helping with the photo shoot!

  3. Barb says:

    A little of topic, but whatever happened to the historic house you were trying to save?

  4. beth says:

    Good luck with this project, Michael. If the flowers are any indication of the lovliness to come, we are in for a visual treat. Will look forward to that issue.

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