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October, 2012

  1. Halloween DIY Decor

    October 31, 2012 by admin

    Happy Halloween Everyone!  Hope you’re all ready for a spooktacular evening and lots of candy!

    If you’re looking for some last minute Halloween decorating ideas that are fast, easy and cheap, watch my latest segment on The Marilyn Denis Show here.

    All of the projects cost very, very little and are super fast!  Trust me, I know because I created them after a long day at the store and an evening consultation!  They’re quick and basically start and end with a trip to the grocery store and dollar store.  Give them a try…if you dare!  Bwa ha ha!

  2. Blue And White Ginger Jars And How To Decorate With Them

    October 30, 2012 by admin

    This morning I received an e-blast from American decor retailer Williams Sonoma Home highlighting their collection of blue and white ginger jars and other ceramic accessories.  I have always loved this look and still do!  In fact I carry a few pieces like this at Penney & Company and can often be heard telling customers that blue and white goes with everything.

    Well this morning’s e-blast led me on a cyber space journey that turned up lots of gorgeous images I just had to share.  There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate blue and white into your home – hope this gets you started!

    Clustered on a console or hall table, blue and white en mass is beautiful!

    I carry blue and white ceramic garden stools like this at Penney & Co (see below) and people often ask what to do with them.  Here is the most common decor use – as a stylish side table and the perfect place to rest a drink.

    Blue and white always looks wonderful mixed with white upholstery, rattan and bamboo.  In fact this coffee table is a lot like one I have at the shop now too!  Great minds and all that!

    Mixing taller and shorter pieces for a tablescape is a wonderful idea and lets you mix and match your different pieces.  I carry similar small vases like these for under $10 at the shop.

    And here are the Williams Sonoma examples that got this mornings musing started…beautiful…and pricey!!

    Williams Sonoma Home $555 CAD

    Williams Sonoma Home $370 CAD

    Williams Sonoma Home $880

    And back to the real world…here’s a piece that’s a little kinder on the old budget.  Why not give it a try?  Blue and white is always right!

    Penney & Company Garden Stool $195

    And to finish, I couldn’t resist this example of pairing blue and white with the warmth and bounty of fall.  Gotta try this one myself soon!

  3. Industrial DIY Shelf

    October 29, 2012 by admin

    Here’s a great DIY from my friends at House & Home Magazine!  We all know industrial style is big (ahem Restoration Hardware) and the idea is to get a little bit of that loose, raw, utilitarian design in to relax your space.  Well here’s an idea for how to get this look for less, demonstrated by Reiko from H&H.

    These shelves also look great spray painted – I recall painting one red in the parking lot of a photographer’s studio for a House & Home story a while back…

    Either way, give this a try!


  4. Penney & Company is MOVING!

    October 26, 2012 by admin

    Big announcement everybody:  Penney & Company is MOVING!

    Penney & Company 124 Brock Street South, Whitby

    Yes, the time has come to move on from my adorable little shop.  And don’t worry, the new location is still in downtown Whitby.  But what’s different is that it will have lots more room and therefore lots more finds!  Also parking!  And running water!  Imagine!?

    I can’t wait to share the process with you here on michaelpenneystyle and in the mean time, please do come visit the shop on Brock street and say hello.  There are lots of exciting projects in the works.

  5. SOLD

    October 24, 2012 by admin

    Update:  This antique mirror from Kennebunkport Maine has been SOLD to one very famous (and decisive!) designer I may or may not have worked with and whom you all love to ask me about when you visit the shop!


  6. NEW! At Penney & Company

    October 24, 2012 by admin

    If you haven’t been in for a while, you’ve gotta come check out the new finds at Penney & Company!  Make your house a home with some of these treasures!

    Penney & Co Vintage Writing Desk $475

    This elegant writing desk is a rare find and won’t take up too much room.  It’s perfect for a stylish home office, in a bedroom or as a beautiful way to pay bills in the living room.

    Penney & Co Handmade Holiday Cards $14 for Set of 10

    The holiday season is right around the corner and these decorative note cards are a wonderful way to send season’s greetings to friends and family.  With a gorgeous and exotic paisley motif in red, green, ivory and gold these handmade note cards come in a set of 10 tied with grosgrain ribbon.  What a perfect gift!

    Penney & Co Antique Painted Pedestal Table $265

    Ideal beside a sofa or between a pair of chairs, this shapely side table has curves and charm to spare!  Try it as a night stand or in a bay window too.

    Penney & Co Robin’s Egg Windsor Chairs $165

    A pair of robin’s egg blue windsor chair like these are a cheerful addition to any breakfast nook or as extra seating in a living space.  I couldn’t help but notice the similarity to the ones on Martha Stewart’s front porch in her latest book…

    Penney & Co Antique Mirror $115

    This antique mirror was a find from my latest trip to Kennebunkport Maine and has so much warmth and patina.  Plus it’s not too big so it would look great over the sink in a powder room or in a front entryway.  It would look wonderful painted a fresh colour too.

    Penney & Co Butter Cream Painted Antique Highboy Chest of Drawers $299

    The best part about high boy dressers is that they give you lots of storage without taking up too much floor space.  Plus their verticality is a nice unusual note in most bedrooms and has a nice old fashioned feeling.  This one is painted in old butter cream paint with sought after round pulls and casters on the legs.  This one won’t last long!

  7. Nearly Halloween!

    October 23, 2012 by admin

    As my nephew gleefully informed me (with a count-down calendar) yesterday – there are only a few days left until Halloween!  I don’t usually go overboard on this holiday, but you never know, there’s still time.  I did however shop around for a great selection of pumpkins yesterday at both Fresh C0 (pumpkins $1) and Vandemeer Nurseries in Whitby (for the more unusual, exotic varieties).

    Pumpkins piled up on my front porch this morning

    So many great colours and textures!

    The large green one is a Jamaican Pumpkin and the spooky white ones are fun!


    I’ve gathered this little family of pumpkins for another styling/DIY segment on the Marilyn Denis Show this week so I’ll be crafting my little heart out today.  You’ll see how they turn out LIVE on Thursday’s show on CTV at 10 am.

  8. Leaves and Summersaults

    October 23, 2012 by admin

    Sorry I didn’t get to write a blog Monday and let me tell you why.

    I was playing in the leaves with my nephew.  Instead of talking design, I was talking summersaults and handstands and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  9. Midcentury Plus Colour Equals Yummmm!

    October 19, 2012 by admin







    Happy Friday everyone!

    I’ve had lots of chats about mid century style with customers in the shop recently.  You know, the usual – teak, chrome, moulded plastic.  Well what I’m most excited about is mid century style mixed with deep rich colour!

    This is a great colour combo and a wonderful way to do mid century style while avoiding the ‘tribute to the Brady Bunch’ look.   Here are a few examples of pieces I’m inspired by right now (from Chelsea Textiles).  Thinking I may give this a try at Penney & Company some time soon…





  10. NEW! Dwell Studio for Robert Allen

    October 18, 2012 by admin

    UPDATE:  DWELL FURNISHINGS are available at ROUSSEAU’S in WHITBY!  Who knew?  So exciting!!  Check them out soon…

    Have you heard about Dwell Studio’s newest collection for Robert Allen Fabric?  It’s full of colourful and graphic prints in unusual retro-modern combinations that are so on point!  Dwell Studio founder Christine Lemieux is a Canadian success story and an inspiration to us all!  Check out her latest work here!