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A Lesson In Value from Penney & Company

August 28, 2012 by admin

UPDATE:  Vintage Faux Bamboo Dresser is SOLD

Whatever you call it – vintage, used, antique – furniture that’s been ‘pre-loved’ is usually a good buy.  I love the look of vintage furniture and the character it brings to my home and the homes of my clients, but beyond the style-factor, vintage furniture is tremendous value for your money.  Here’s a good example…

Vintage bamboo furniture is hot, hot hot!

Interior Design by Meg Braff

Whether it be a headboard (like the black one above), a coffee table or chest of drawers, this is a beautiful and timeless style.  Popularized recently by the rebirth of Hollywood Regency style and designers like Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler and Meg Braff, faux bamboo is on every designer’s wish list.    This new bamboo piece from Jonathan Adler costs $595 USD, which is more like $715 by the time it comes to Canadian stores.  For one faux bamboo chair.

$595 USD or $715 CAD

Now here’s a perfect example of vintage value.  A classic example of Hollywood Regency faux bamboo, it’s a storage-filled chest of drawers with on-trend brass hardware.  It’s here now at Penney & Company (just got it this weekend) and it costs $425.

Penney & Company 5-Drawer Faux Bamboo Chest $495

Penney & Company 5-Drawer Faux Bamboo Chest $425

Here’s what else you could buy if you want a white faux bamboo chest of drawers (Williams Sonoma Home $4313)…

Williams Sonoma Home Dresser $4313

And here’s what else you can get for under $500 if you’re looking to buy a new dresser…The Brick’s Highboy for $499.97!

The Brick Highboy Dresser $499.97

So you see, sometimes a quality vintage piece with loads of style is the same price or less than something from one of the big box retailers or Ikea! Yet they don’t cost nearly as much as the high end new pieces that are knocking off  the original vintage piece!

Besides the style factor (and you know me, that’s pretty important) vintage pieces have great value for your money.  Plus they look so darn good.


  1. Deirdre says:

    Words to live by! Some of my favorite pieces are ones that have been re-purposed! I have a sectional bought in 1978 that I have changed the fabric on at least 5 times. It is in wonderful condition, comfortable and has beautiful style.We paid $3500.00 for it then but it was worth every penny! It is in storage now but when we move into our new digs, I am thinking of darkening the wicker and making new covers one more time!

  2. Mike says:

    Right on,Deirdre. The 4 R’s; reduce,reuse,repurpose & recycle.
    Vintage/antique are almost always better made & they have a history… just like people!

  3. Valerie says:

    Hi Michael…just wanted to *pop in* and say how much I enjoy reading your daily entries! I adored your post/pic. on the ‘fiestaware’ and book-marked Macy’s excellent selection. We have just moved to Vancouver and am in the process of buying a new home here….you have provided me with so many wonderful ideas to use down-the road. I only WISH your shop was closer to me….ummm..maybe a 2nd location near here?? Wishing thinking….many thanks…keep up the excellent work. Your shop looks just devine! Cheers, Valerie….

  4. Nicole Scott says:

    Awesome post! Loving your blog Michael! Wish I could come shop.

  5. I love faux bamboo as well and have been collecting a few pieces, “waiting” to be used in my future home (the condo is too small for all these gorgeous pieces). Your dresser looks amazing and certainly fab in pricing!

    There are many faux bamboo pieces popping up in Florida and I so wish that I can only drive down with a big truck and get them all up to Toronto!

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