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Our Trip To Seattle!

August 24, 2012 by admin

On Tuesday, Sara and I got back from an amazing trip to Seattle Washington.  We went along with he whole family on an epic trip to visit her brother Matt who lives out there in a really cool 1920’s apartment building near the water.  Matt was an amazing tour guide and showed us all of the sights – and I mean everything from the aquarium to the zoo, the Space Needle to the science centre, Pike Place Market to the Bellevue Mall.  We saw and did it all, and I have to say that Seattle is an amazing city!

There’s a gorgeous park on a hill in the Queen Anne area of town that has the most amazing view of the city, the water and the mountains.

Pike Place Market is right near the water in Seattle and was established to link farmers with consumers back in the day.  It’s also home to the world’s very first Starbucks coffee shop.  There are coffee shops on every corner in Seattle but this one seemed extra special.  With its own particular Pike Place blend of coffee beans and an uncomplicated atmosphere, people line up to check it out and see where it all began.

The market is full of fresh flowers, handicrafts, produce and of course, fish!

These dahlias were so beautiful and came in so many colours!

The city core of Seattle is quite varied with attractions like this ferris wheel, the market, the waterfront and many large corporations like Amazon, Microsoft and Starbucks to name a few.

It was an amazing trip and so wonderful to spend so much time with my mother, father, sister and brother in law.  We laughed a ton and caped off each night by listing what our favourite and not-so-favourite parts of the day were.  I’m sure we’re going to be quoting these memories for years to come!  It wasn’t the greatest time for me to be away from the shop, but hey, family comes first right?  Thanks Matt, and all of the family for an unforgettable week.


  1. Barb says:

    Carpe Diem! :)

  2. Deirdre says:

    Wonderful pictures, Michael! My husband’s sister and her family live in Glacier, WA, north of Seattle. It is a beautiful place at the base of Mt. Baker. Seattle is a fun city to visit.

  3. Great pictures! We have a month of visitors lined up, and I’ve told all of them to bring their passports incase they want to make the drive down to Seattle with me. We haven’t yet made it down there (except for a flight back in May) so I’m excited to finally go and see the city! :)

  4. Alexandra says:

    So glad you took this time for your family. I’m just back from PEI, and will look forward to dropping in to see your new items next weekend.

    Alex :)

  5. how2home says:

    Great photos Michael! We’ve never been to Seattle but definitely would love to go! Dahlias are my favorites!!!! We could spend hours in a flower market, so many colors, scents and inspirations. Have a fantastic weekend!

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