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Chic Office Style

August 17, 2012 by admin

I know, I know, home offices aren’t usually known for big style.  They’re all about clunky desks, unfortunate-looking office chairs and messy stacks of paper.  Well it doesn’t have to be this way at all!  If you want to conquer your clutter in style, here are a couple of tips…

DIY by Michael Penney; House & Home Magazine

Simple office storage boxes like these from Ikea can be customized with decorative ribbon (love this gingham of course)  and brass label holders from Lee Valley.

Finally!  A big box store is carrying good-looking office furniture!  Martha Stewart has collaborated with Staples t0 create desks, storage units and bookcases in a polished looking black finish with casters.  I can’t wait to check this collection out in person.

With furniture and DIY’s like these, our offices can be organized and beautiful!

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  1. how2home says:

    Love your diy in the magazine. Such a clever way to jazz up something so boring and ordinary! You have such an amazing style/design, we totally adore it! Have a great weekend Michael!

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