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English Roll Arm or William Birch Sofa at Penney & Company

August 16, 2012 by admin

The classic William Birch or English Roll Arm Sofa…They’re a decorator’s staple.  A timeless design that blends comfort, elegance, and curvy, sumptuous style.  They come in all different prices too – take a look!

Williams Sonoma Home’s version is $3888.90 to $9465.44

Williams Sonoma Home

Restoration Hardware’s version is from $2172 to $4788 (Canadian).

Restoration Hardware

Elte has a lovely version for $7895.


All beautiful sofas.  All classic style.  All EXPENSIVE!!!  Thankfully I’ve got you covered at Penney & Company where an English Roll Arm sofa MADE IN CANADA in your choice of fabric costs…wait for it


Penney & Company English Roll Arm Sofa $1450

All gussied up with Penney & Company cushions in a lovely linen coloured fabric that’s tough as nails, this English Roll arm sofa is far and away my favourite upholstered piece at the store.  So if you want a classic never-gonna-go-outta-style piece, make sure you drop by Penney & Company today.


  1. Love it!! That’s a great deal and a beautiful looking sofa!! Be in soon!

  2. Great sofa- awesome price point! Some day- I will travel to your neck of the woods.

  3. Michael that’s fantastic. I cannot believe your price. I have been dreaming about an original ‘Bespoke, George Sherlock’ sofa for years (British Company) and even have the 2 seater in coral linen pinned to my ‘vision board’ – and there’s a lake-blue one, OMG. They are so deep and inviting – filled with down to give it that casual lux look. I fell in love with the two seater sofa in Jamie and Paul’s NYC apt. on ‘Mad About You’ and I assume it was probably a William Birch? Regardless of the version, an English style rolled arm, deep, seated in linen with down filled cushions is exactly what I want and if Canada and Penney & Co. can provide, well, why not? Who needs to go over the ocean, right and spend a bazillion $$. Here’s the Sherlock website with pics and their history, if you are curious or to use as inspiration on customizing one for yourself …

  4. Wow,wow and yet another wow. What a fabulous price. You will be a busy man at your lovely store with prices like that. Oh how I want one,okay two of your sofas. I am sure there are many items in your fabulous store that could have a new home at our home. Now to get there.

  5. Deirdre says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  6. Barbara says:

    I think you need to open a second location in Charleston, SC USA… please?! Great looking sofa and fabulous price!

  7. how2home says:

    This sofa is fabulous and such a deal! Love the color choice for cushions!

  8. Mary says:

    Gorgeous! Do you ship to the U.S.?

  9. Lulu says:

    If only you were closer.

  10. birchandlily says:

    Ooh! You make me wish Ontario was a short jaunt from Saskatchewan! I love a William Birch sofa.

  11. Hi Michael,

    Love the sofa, is this something you will carry for awhile? Moving into a new home end of November.


  12. Beth Hicks says:

    Is there a smaller apartment size available? Condo size? Thanks, Beth

  13. Carolyn says:

    This couch was in the Canadian H&H. Where in Toronto Ontario could I purchase this couch?

    • michaelpenneystyle says:

      Yes this style is a House & Home favourite – and probably why I love it too since I was on staff there for a few years:) As the post says, you can buy this affordable version at my Whitby Ontario shop, Penney & Company. It’s approximately $1450. Hope that helps Carolyn!


  14. Bonnie says:

    Do you have a loveseat in the William Birch style? What is the frame made of and the seat cushions? Many thanks Bonnie

    • michaelpenneystyle says:

      Hi Bonnie! Yes we do and you can see all of the details at and look under the Jane by Jane Lockhart collection. It’s called the Hemingway and be sure to click on the spec sheet for the loveseat option. But there’s no substitute for visiting the store and taking it for a test run!


  15. Hi Michael:
    Can you tell me what fabrics choices there are for this sofa? I’ve noted, in one of the comments, that you don’t ship to the USA but to we Canadians a ‘titch’ to your “left’ (in B.C.) is it possible?

  16. Heather says:

    Hi there! Just stumbled upon this in an article about “English roll arm” couches. Is this made in Canada?

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