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Save The McLaughlin House!

August 11, 2012 by admin

Some of you have been anxious for news about the doomed McLaughlin House in Oshawa (near OUIT and Durham College).  It’s a gorgeous old house with so much historical significance, but unfortunately seems to have been sold down the river by a developer and local government.

Well the fight isn’t over yet!  Local leaders (including realtor Rosemary McConkey) are battling tooth and nail to save this important piece of our heritage.  Taking many meetings with both local government and the developer Minto, Rosemary and her team are trying to save the McLaughlin House from demolition and to make it a place of education, heritage and possibly even gardens for families and schools to enjoy.

Take a look at this amazing video to better understand what’s at stake here!


We need to show the city of Oshawa and the developer Minto that we, the community care about this property, about our heritage and about creating a city that respects the rich legacy left by our ancestors.  These men and women toiled to build a beautiful place for us to live – let’s not let it go up in smoke and dust!

If you care even a little about saving the McLaughlin House from the wrecker’s ball, please drop me a line with your name and phone number at  If we can collect enough messages of support we will be able to present them to the developer Minto and show that is is not okay to simply bulldoze our collective history.



To learn more about this story, click here.



  1. Daniel says:

    Michael do you have any interior photos? I’d love to see if the inside of the home has stood the test of time like the outside.

  2. Mike says:

    Michael,How I wish I lived in Oshawa so I could support this worthy & valiant effort. while there some responsible developers many of them value the almighty dollar over all else- even thé collective heritage of the community. is there any other way that we who do not live in Ontario can help? please let us know if we can help in any way- I wish Oshawa all the best in this endeavour!

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