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Margot Austin's Adorable Bungalow!

July 27, 2012 by admin

Yes, that title required an exclamation point – it’s so freakin’ cute!  Margot Austin and I passed like ships in the night when I left House & Home Magazine and she joined (after an amazing career at Style At Home Magazine) last fall.  But we’ve met up lots of times and she is a wonderful person with TONS of style.  I love her preppy chic aesthetic and her love of green and vintage and pretty makes her a kindred spirit I think.

But enough talk, check out her place!  She shares this east end Toronto home with her (equally talented) husband Kevin Austin (of Chair Table Lamp fame and Style At Home too!).  Oh and their French Bulldog who seems to have a following of her own.  Okay the pictures!

The stylish Austin herself


Margot and Kevin Austin’s Toronto Bungalow

I mean c’mon!  How adorable is this?!  I love the little dining nook with the block printed wallpaper.  Margot, if you’re reading this, I used to have a sample of that very paper (in blue mind you) on my office wall not steps from where you work now!  Great minds…

Margot and Kevin Austin’s Toronto Bungalow


Margot and Kevin Austin’s Toronto Bungalow


These chairs are killing me!  So shapely, the perfect shade of green the pair-ness of it all!  Notice how they’re anything but stuffy with crisp white walls and a jute rug beneath?

Margot and Kevin Austin’s Toronto Bungalow


I love that Margot is embracing the return of pastels – not 80’s pastels, these ones are more fresh and poppy.  Those pillows are great!

Margot and Kevin Austin’s Toronto Bungalow


Margot and Kevin Austin’s Toronto Bungalow


Margot and Kevin Austin’s Toronto Bungalow


The kitchen is a standard Ikea kitchen dressed up with burnished brass hardware (genius) and a sleek cooktop and matte white faucet.  The relaxed roman is so cheerful and how about that yellow pendant?  So fun!

Well if you enjoyed these pictures, there’s more – watch Margot give a guided tour of her home here.









  1. Deirdre says:


  2. Oh how beautiful. I’m gushing over those green chairs; and, those bleached wood floors too.

  3. I especially love the wallpaper. thanks for sharing!

  4. I adore her home as well. I LOVE the mix of high and low, Ikea and vintage – pure brilliance!

  5. Gail says:

    Makes me feel light and uplifted…..the colors are great…

  6. Thanks a bunch! This a very good web-site.

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