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Cool Vans Everywhere!

July 25, 2012 by admin

Have I shared that I enjoy Coronation Street before?  Well I do.  Laugh all you want – it sucks you in and then you’re hooked.  And trust me, I am.  It’s a dinner time ritual for Sara and I and I have been known to storm out of the room over those crazy Brits and their goings on now and again.


I bring this up because one of the Coronation Street characters – Tommy Duckworth – has a VW Camper Van, (pronounced Campa-Vaan on ‘The Street’).  He was his romantic gesture to his girlfriend Tina and they planned to travel Europe in the old clunker.

Tommy and Tina with their VW Camper Van on Coronation Street


Well it seems that I keep seeing these VW vans all over the road these days and then I saw this MINT GREEN GM Van near a local grocery store here in Whitby!  Love this one, plus its loyal to my fair city of Oshawa! Now wouldn’t that make for a cool Penney  & C0-mobile?!

Mint Green Van – Spotted in Whitby!


Well to top it all off, I was having a lovely consultation with two Penney & Company clients in the charming little house when I saw this!  A VW LEGO VAN!!!!  If I am a Coronation Street fan, then I worship Lego!  It was, is, and will always be my favourite toy.  You should have seen some of the details houses (with colour coordinated interiors), towns and apartment buildings I built as a child.  Trust me, I’ve always been me.

Here’s a pulled back shot on the shelf so you can see it’s scale…

Sorry the shots are a little dark (I work all hours!) – isn’t it great?  It even had detailed ‘hippie van’ interiors with checkered floors and a lava lamp!

Something’s in the air I think – Coronation Street meets my love of Lego meets my love of vintage quirky cars!  Maybe that’s what I’ll have to get to drive around in search of all manner of furniture and decorative ephemera!  We’ll see if one shows up in my driveway…



  1. Mike says:

    You’re a wild man, Michael! An Anglophile,yes but a Corrie fan,too? Fancy that! Just a bit of a wind up,I love all things British,too-except mushy peas! Egads!

  2. Barbara says:

    OH! Gotta love the interior of the Lego van! Now THAT is a keeper! and YES, that mint green van that you spotted would be PERFECT!

  3. Deirdre says:

    Love the mint green and the Lego van. I have a particular American attachment to the Magic Bus! It defined an era for many of us. Love that you own your fun ‘addictions’. We all need to have fun.

  4. Carol Anne says:

    Been Corrie fan since Enid Sharpulls was on the show, I totally understand…
    As for VW bus’s, my father had 2, a real old one, 2 tone beige and a new one like Tommy’s in blue… so the bus was the first thing (car) I ever drove, he would say to me, if you can learn to drive the bus you can drive anything, and I did……now it was 1970, I would get funny looks, girls did not drive a bus back then in Montreal… so much fun to drive… problem was all my friends that were moving out into apt s needed help moving and I had the bus, I did alot of driving back a forth on weekends as a teenager, lol

  5. Rodrigo’s family has a vintage van! They used to use it for family trips and I think his dad still uses it sometimes haha (..they have a normal vehicle too-not hippies)

  6. CG says:

    On Sunday we were travelling back from Gravenhust and there was a VW Van “Show and Shine” at Haugen’s on Hwy 12. You’ll have to keep any eye out for the next one!

  7. Georgina says:

    I too love Corrie! Would love a campa van as well

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