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Beaded Chandeliers

July 24, 2012 by admin

I spotted this great beaded chandelier in Pottery Barn recently and really liked it.  It’s a nice switch from many of the styles out there, yet not weird or too trendy feeling, you know?  I think it suits traditional or rustic interiors and adds a little boho looseness.

Pottery Barn

And this subtle Pottery Barn number isn’t the only handsome example on the market.  Just check these out!

From Circa Lighting

Circa Lighting


A gorgeous colourful example from House Beautiful Magazine


For a Canadian source, check out this stunner from Cobi Ladner’s Cobi Style!

Cobi Style


And for some more colourful beaded examples (I like it as a sconce too, don’t you?)…








  1. Mike says:

    I’d have to see these in situ. I do like a bit of colour but I fear I might tire of these in short order. Perhaps the sconces would suit.

    • I hear you Mike, it’s tricky to invest in colour pieces if they cost a lot You wonder if you’ll get sick of them and regret it. I think I see the turquoise bead ones in a whitewashed beachy country place, and in that context, I’d never get sick of it. But in a main house, the wooden beads or clear might be wise.


  2. Mary says:

    I really like the Pottery Barn one too – really cool but not trendy “trying too hard” – a difficult thing to find!

  3. On a website called Knock Off Decor she showed how to make a wood bead chandelier..

  4. Carol says:

    Yes! I love the sconce!

  5. Kim says:

    I’ve been trying to source the turquoise house beautiful one and can’t find anyone who sells it. Can anyone help? I also found the same one in navy/ orange online but don’t know how to order. I think either would be perfect for our nursery.

  6. how2home says:

    Never thought i’d like beaded chandeliers but these products looks pretty awesome!

  7. I love that one from pottery barn too! I spotted it when I was down at Miami earlier in February! the blue one also stole my heart :)

  8. Hi Michael, I love the beaded sconce, do you have a source?


  9. lindsaybush10 says:

    Hi Michael, love the beaded sconce, do you have a source?


  10. Maureen says:

    There’s a tutorial on pinterest for the wooden bead chandelier (I made one, too — it’s pretty easy). I’ve also made one for a pavilion in my back yard made from ping pong balls, of all things. It looks magical at night & not cheap (but the plastic makes it more weather impervious)

  11. These are very beautiful beaded chandeliers! REally look elegant, perfect for the entire house. I love that one from pottery barn. I will try to visit the following sites for more info on this.

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