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Sarah 101 Final Episode: Paulo's Loft and Safari Baby

July 12, 2012 by admin

Well this Sarah 101 season has come to an end – six months of blood, sweat and tears captured in bite size happy half hours!  This last week featured Paulo’s lack lustre downtown loft…

That grew up from frat pad to an amazingly colourful and sophisticated space.

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

My favourite elements in this space have to be the rustic table with the industrial vintage looking chairs and the kilim on the wall.  Plus those trees!  Also the the stainless cabinets and the gallery wall above the sofa of graffiti images (that were taken by famed photographer  Sarah Richardson herself!).

Next there was Tommy’s adventure called Safari Baby…before (bland with a capital B)…

It became a lesson in neutral backdrop decorating with a stylish animal print punch!

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

This was such a fun take on playful nursery decorating and really used some pretty grown up but child friendly motifs.  The green paint looked a little crazy on my tv screen, but I assure you in person (and these photos above) it is a gorgeous shade.   And I love the idea of a colourful crib.  What they didn’t show you was me upholstering that little round stool with a napkin from West Elm and a staple gun!  Talk about pressure!

I hope you enjoyed these episodes and all of the others on this second season of Sarah 101.  Now I’ve been broken in for network tv and can say I survived!  A lot of work, dedication and passion go into making episodes like this and I hope that shines through.

To watch Paulo’s loft, click here.

To watch the Safari Baby Nursery, click here.


  1. Gail says:

    Love this one the most……I would move in there so fast….lol….I love the show and am waiting for it to come to the USA ..Michael show us some things using what’s in your store…like how to decorate a coffee table when you want it to look casual with a little elegance…please

  2. how2home says:

    I really loved this episode… especially the nursery room i think its such an amazing idea using 2 different wallpaper and the pop of green is magnificent! The industrial loft is superb too!

  3. Carol Dahlquist says:

    Love the nursery room! Love the loft too…..just not to crazy on the back splash…sorry Sarah I know you loved it!! :)

  4. I love that loft! It is my dream place!

  5. Loved the loft transformation also. The dining area with the vibrant kilim, antique re-purposed column table and industrial chairs is spot on! Great nursery…grown up foundation with playful accessories.

  6. Deirdre says:

    Really beautiful as always! Can’t wait for Sarah 101, season 2 to be shown in the USA!

  7. mayert13 says:

    I loved these two episodes… but I am quite sad that this is the last of it – I am going through withdrawal….

  8. Leslie-Anne says:

    That loft!! Where to start? The Kilim on the wall (now I know how to pronounce it), the colours, the couch, the cutout in the wall, the backsplash – LOVE the backsplash. Those windows! Beautiful.

  9. Wendy says:

    Beautiful loft with great lighting choices. Wonder why Sarah’s photos were blurred out on TV…?

  10. I loved watching each and every episode and think this season was the very best one of all. You must have had a blast working with Sarah and her team and yes the hard work definitely shows but you guys make it all look so easy!

  11. This episode just screened in New Zealand, and I totally loved the zebra wallpaper. Do you know what brand it was at all??

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