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Sarah 101: Caroline's Bathroom and A Newfie Kitchen

July 5, 2012 by admin

Okay, so I know it’s Thursday and Sarah 101 was on Tuesday, but I’ve been buzzzzzzzzy okay?  I know you understand!

So how about this week’s episodes?  Sarah, Tommy and the team transformed THIS vintage kitchen…

Into THIS fresh modern-meets-retro kitchen fit for a serious baker who likes to host Newfoundland-style kitchen parties in her home.

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

How’d you feel about the striped flooring?  The repurposed vintage hardware on clean white cabinets?  The pantry kitted out for a serious baker?  I found that giant vintage kettle in an antique shop in Port Hope and I loved it on TV even more than I thought I would!  Oh and that gorgeous backsplash didn’t hurt.  Confetti is right Tommy!

Then there was the underwhelming blue bath at Caroline’s…

Sarah and the team chose classic black and white fittings and fixtures in keeping with the Victorian era of this home and added a heaping does of pinks, both vibrant and subdued.  And here it is!

If you know of Dorothy Draper, you’ll see nods to her iconic style with high contrast black and white with strong silhouettes, traditional elements amped up and a splash of pink!  The book about Dorothy and her style is called In The Pink after all!  Those China Seas drapes with the black and white is pure D. Draper for me.

And now, if you watched the episode and saw the cabinet fiasco, you’re recognize this little number…

It came…it went…


And now it’s here – at Penney & Company for sale!  So if you want a custom lacquered cabinet from Sarah Richardson come on down!



  1. lizinmarkham says:

    both rooms were beautiful.

    The clients didn’t like the pink in the bathroom. Did they keep it?
    I always wonder what the rooms look like once you all leave :-)

  2. Gail says:

    Gorgeous,gorgeous…now I love this one! Love the kitchen and could move right in..looks easy to clean and cozy…..great job!

  3. Carol Robbins says:

    What is that flooring called? I like it.

  4. Linda says:

    love the flooring in the kitchen – will keep design in mind for my home.

  5. ashley says:

    what is the price for the cabinet??

  6. Barb says:

    Love both, doable even without tearing down walls. Ha ha, measure twice works for designers too!!!

  7. Why was that not there when I was!!too bad for me..

  8. Deirdre says:

    Love it all!

  9. I think that both these rooms are fabulous and are truly Sarah’s classic style that we all love! That kettle sure is sweet too Michael, nice find!

  10. Leslie-Anne says:

    Jaw droppingly beautiful – both rooms!

  11. Kirstey says:

    saw you and your lovely shop in the House & Home last night! Wish I was in Canada so I could visit! Congrats on launching your own shop!

  12. kbdsa says:

    I saw you and your lovely shop in the House & Home mag last night. Congrats on launching your own place! It looked fantastic! Hopefully I will one day make the trip to Canada so I can stop in.

  13. lisa says:

    Everything is beautiful…she is so talented!

  14. johanne says:

    I wonder why we can’t comment on the actual Sarah 101 site anymore, they seem to have deleted all the past comments.Do you know why Michael?

  15. Jane Anders says:

    The Victorian style bathroom is gorgeous! The classic/modern style with the pop of pink is exactly what that poor bathroom needed, well done!!

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