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BeeLine Home

July 3, 2012 by admin

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Hope you all had a nice and relaxing long weekend and a very happy Canada Day!  Now back to decorating…

Sometimes the interior design classics need shaking up.  Bunny Williams has created a fantastic collection of furniture and accessories that find their roots in traditional designs but add a distinctly modern twist.  It’s called BeeLine Home and there are lots of pieces I just love!  Inspiration for projects to come…


For more BeeLine Home items, click here.


  1. Great column. Where can we purchase Bunny Williams’s furniture/accessories in Canada?

  2. Nancy says:

    How does one go about purchasing any of these beautiful items?

  3. Hi Michael,
    It was such a pleasure to come and meet you and see your gorgeous store today! The basket and the barnacles fit perfectly with my decor plans for our living/dining room reno. My only regret is I forgot to a to snap some photos for my blog of all the wonderful pieces you offer and how great your store looked so I will come by again soon when I can.
    Here is the link of mom’s paintings I said I would send you.

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