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Cameron MacNeil – House and Home Magazine's Design Genius

June 29, 2012 by admin

I had a fantastic time catching up with my friend Cameron MacNeil (of House & Home fame) last night at Tommaso’s on Eastern Avenue where he caught me up on the exciting new adventures headed his way.

It got me thinking about all of the amazing spaces Cameron, that talented design genius, has created over the years and I wanted to share them with you here.  Cameron has been a designer at House & Home for over 10 years now and he has a serious portfolio to show for it.


Cameron – you’re the best.

Cameron’s famous Ask A Designer page in House & Home Magazine


  1. Cameron is another of my favs and so glad you’ve showcased him here to remind folks of his talent. Many ‘interesting’ designers/stylists have emerged through the pages of H&H and I love the new direction they’ve taken since Suzanne became editor-in-chief. I practically read many issues from cover to cover now. Michael, I’ve said it before but positivity s always worth repeating – “You are another of my favourites – check my Pinterest board under Linda Borland Fitzgerald to see yourself there… keep doing your thing for us

  2. Dharma says:

    I love Cameron’s clean, curated and lived-in style. His designs are uncluttered but look as if you just stepped into your best friend’s place, where you know where everything is and you feel right at home there…He has evolved so much over time in the magazine. Loved seeing more of his designs and having a link to his own site (who knew?)…thanks MP for the feature of him here :)

  3. Deirdre says:

    If you keep showing me all these beautiful pictures and designs, I may have to defect to Canada! I have always known of the great talent and amazingly good taste of the people. But wow, now I get to see it so much more with this blog and finding House and Home here in the US and of course the Canadian shows on HGTV. I am trying harder every day to arrange to trip to Canada and especially Whitby to say hello.

  4. Katherine Vanular says:

    Cameron’s work is beautiful. The eye needs beautiful combinations that bring happiness and balance.

  5. Manju Bhatia says:

    I love it all .The Kitchens are so beautiful and the colors love them all . That is my next project.

    MIchael am coming very soon to see you as soon (as soon as my cast is off my leg) in Whitby. I have been following your blogs and always look forward to what you have next.

    Manju Bhatia in Missisauga

  6. sewmama says:

    Love these spaces! Wonder how long Cameron’s waiting list is :)

  7. Love Cameron’s work as well. Always very fresh, clean, and inviting. Love that white kitchen with the marble “nook” for glasses. It’s such a creative use of space and classic in material choice. LOVE

    Now I can’t wait to hear more about Cameron’s next adventures!

  8. Nick BArbour says:


    Wondering if you could tell me where the brown wooden sideboard (has a bar tray set up on top) with lots of drawers is from?

    Thanks, Nick

  9. michaelpenneystyle says:

    Hi Nick, this post is pretty old but I believe that piece was from Restoration Hardware.


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