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Sarah 101: Carlene's Kitchen and Jaime and Rob's Bedroom

June 28, 2012 by admin

Okay another week, another Sarah 101 episode!  I know you’ve all been glued to HGTV on Tuesday’s to see what design adventures Sarah’s team has been up to.  This week featured a black, white and beeswax candle yellow kitchen and a smokey, sophisticated master bedroom.

Now, I knew this day would come since I knew something disastrous happened to me while working on Carlene’s kitchen.  So when the episode aired, my friend Kristin texted me at the store to fill me in.  Here’s an exact transcript of said texts:

Kristin: Ohmygosh today’s Sarah 101 you locked your keys in the car?!!  Bahaha

Michael:  Oh brother!  I don’t wanna see it!

Kristin:  Don’t worry…it’s fleeting, but funny!

Michael:  Ugh.

When I got home and watched it on PVR I cringed.  And smiled.  But mostly cringed.  Luckily Sara had fallen asleep and hasn’t seen it…yet.  But back to the show – here’s Carlene’s lacklustre kitchen BEFORE

And AFTER some design magic!

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

With a mixture of black and white Ikea cabinets, stone counters, architectural salvage and some ebony/ivory looking knobs, this kitchen has tons of personality.  I was especially proud of the brass topped canisters I found for this one and the vintage yellow tea towels from my friends at Found.  Click on the Found link and you can by the very same ones Sarah and Tommy did!  And the long mirror above was the topic of much discussion one late evening (same day I locked the keys in the car) but I think it looks fantastic here!

Now, here’s Jaime and Rob’s classic but boring bedroom BEFORE:

And here it is AFTER some gorgeous smokey paint has been applied, some charming romans, an amazing headboard, and KILLER lamps that remind me very much of Bunny Williams lamps, even though these ones are vintage.  Good find Tommy and Sarah!

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Moody and romantic, patterned and glossy, this bedroom has it all.  It certainly lives up to the potential of this house and just might be my favourite room so far in this season of Sarah 101.  But what do you think?


  1. bea says:

    Actually, Michael, I thought that “Oh my gosh!” was one of your best TV moments yet!

  2. pat says:

    where do you all get the beautiful material and at a good price??/ i have 2 wing chairs that need reupholstered and i cannot find material i like or a reasonable place to get them done….help !!!!!

    • Hi Pat! Sarah gets lots of her affordable fabrics from Designer Fabrics on Queen Street West in Toronto. Her main upholsterer is called Silva, north of the 401 in Toronto – they have a great website for info.


  3. Kelly says:

    nice, but gotta admit i’m not drooling over either bedroom or kitchen. they look a little too designer-done, too high falutin.’ Don’t get that ”oh my goodness i WANT THAT” feeling i generally looking at the home-y/cozy/friendly stylish creations i associate and love about Michael Penney.

  4. Leslie-Anne says:

    I loved the fabric that was chosen for the chairs in the bedroom. Thanks for the tip about where to find fabric – I always imagine doing what Sarah does, looking at rack after rack of beautiful choices.

  5. Lulu says:

    The canisters were my fave part of the kitchen! Where are they from? Do tell.

  6. The bedside lamps are great…so are the canisters. It is the details that always make a difference and I think it has been the those very same details that have made this season so inspiring. Really well done!

  7. Looking forward to watching these episodes–and seeing your disaster. I like the look of the kitchen and can’t wait to see the process.

  8. lisa says:


  9. Isabella says:

    I think I recognize those black bistro kitchen stool chairs Michael….!

  10. Allana says:

    I really love the brass and gold accents we’re seeing, especially those canisters! Beautifully done.

  11. Nancy says:

    I watched the show for the first time. Saw the remodel of the kitchen. I love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!! My new favorite show!

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