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Sarah 101: Ladylike Bachelorette and Space-Meets-Preppy Kid's Room

June 21, 2012 by admin

Tuesday’s newest episodes of Sarah 101 were a real treat to watch – I was so proud of the work we’d done on these two spaces!  Nicole’s bland condo got a serious style upgrade and I was especially excited about the use of mint green and emerald.  If you’re not into these colours yet, just you wait – they’re definitely a big trend.

Alex’s mishmash of a bedroom looks like many subdivision rooms lacking in inspiration and detail.  Sarah, Tommy and the team transformed it with moulding, multipurpose furniture and lots of colour and pattern.  All things I love! It spoke to Alex’s interests without being too theme-y if you know what I mean.  I hope these  were fun and inspiring episodes for you to watch!  Here’s the recap…

Nicole’s bllllaaaaand bachelorette condo downtown…

And AFTER with a dash of mint and emerald!

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

And then there’s young Alex’s bedroom before…

And the dramatic AFTER!

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

A slight difference right???

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Oh and you may have noticed lots of cameos from me in these two episodes and all I can say is…

Can someone get me some less-saggy jeans?!  Oh and yes – I do love stripes – ask anyone.

To see Nicole’s condo transformation, click here.

To see Alex’s bedroom go from zero to hero, click here.


  1. Alix says:

    I loved the ladylike condo! So pretty… Michael, what did you end up doing with those “formerly cane” french chairs? I have always wondered what happens with all the stuff that is sprayed and then not used – does it just go into a storage locker until it finds a new home for another client?

  2. Deirdre says:

    The Ladylike Condo is lovely. The use of mint in the condo was the perfect choice of color. I liked Alex’s bedroom very much. Blue in all it’s shades is my favorite color. Michael, looks like you are thinner than you think! A size smaller or skinnier in the jeans! lol. Thanks for keeping us updated (especially in the US) on Sarah 101!

  3. mayert13 says:

    Michael – I am loving these looks! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gailey says:

    All lovely. Just love that huge mirror with the arched top. Where can I find one like that?

  5. amsarrazin says:

    I loved the first set of chairs, I thought the scale, shape, and caning to be more suitable. Too bad they didn’t work out. I find the current pair a bit too heavy looking. Is the kitchen backsplash tile or wallpaper? I don’t see it listed in the Shopping Guide. Clever usage of mirrors! Was a pleasure to watch.

  6. margo says:

    Love everything about Nicole’s condo, my favorite so far this season.

    margo on vacouver island

  7. Sharon Wright says:

    Saw both shows,terrific,
    and saw YOU. With the new store, your amazing blog…when do you sleep? p.s. Your new home is perfect. You definitely have the gift for honouring the old with the new.LOVE the gardens.

  8. Love the colors in the condo! Mint and emerald, so fresh! Only thing I’m questioning is the post taking up so much valuable counter space in that small kitchen!? Will have to watch the vid to see the reasoning. It does look great tho!

  9. While I was a bit disappointed with the first 2 episodes, I am thrilled with the rest so far and this weeks were brilliant. I have one comment regarding the window wall of Alex’s bedroom. I might have stopped the ‘night sky’ wallpaper at the bottom of the roman shades straight across. When I look at that wall, my eye is jumping around. Just wondering if I may have a point in your professional opinion?? Love the show, and you’re so cute about being ‘Mr. Baggy Jeans’ – I suggest a visit ‘Over The Rainbow’ in Yorkville to find the perfect fit just for you.. they have absolutely everything and can absolutely help!! :>)

  10. Andrea says:

    OMG, I die! That condo was freaking amazing!!!!! By far one of my favourite looks so far. So on trend with the mint green! Really enjoying the funny moments between Sarah and Tommy this season, those two really crack me up. This season is fantastic, keep it up!


  11. Andrea says:

    Forgot to ask, what colour did Sarah use on the walls in the condo episode? Thanks!


  12. Grace @ sense and simplicity says:

    So pretty. I didn’t watch the show, but I”m curious why she added a post at the end of the kitchen counter when there wasn’t one previously. Usually people are trying to get rid of things like that. i was trying to see if she used it as storage, but couldn’t see in the pictures.

  13. nancy says:

    Hi Michael!
    Can you remember what the kitchen counters were in the condo? Beautiful!

  14. Donna Joubert says:

    Hi Michael, I must know who makes the stars wallpaper? Im going to use it for my sons ” big boy” room!

    • The wallpaper is by Ralph Lauren, sold through Kravet. But you can get it at Prime Time Paint and wallpaper on Queen West in Toronto too. Ask for Fern and tell her Michael sent ya!


  15. Mary Campo says:

    Michael, Just wondering if you remembered when the ball fringe is from that’s on the drapes in the condo??? Thanks!

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