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Threatened George McLaughlin House Interiors

June 20, 2012 by admin

As fascinating as George McLaughlin’s 1880 stone house is from the outside, I knew you’d want to see and appreciate it from the inside too!  Looks like it’s been tinkered with over the years but it has so many charming features including gorgeous wooden floors, the pointed arch front door, dormers and a gracious stairway.

Check it out  – looks like the plan is to demolish all of this.  Along with Katherine, Rosemary McConkey is fighting to save the stone house.  Hopefully, under their leadership we can make a difference.

George McLaughlin’s 1880 Stone House, Oshawa


  1. Beautiful! So sad when houses like this are demolished. I hope that it will be saved!

  2. Jesse Lee says:

    This makes me very sad!

  3. Sjaniene DeKoker says:

    Such a lovely home, full of rich history. What a shame that they are going to tear it down to put up clap board houses!

  4. Judi says:

    Beautiful home! Hope it stays standing.

  5. Barb says:

    Can it be moved?

  6. Alexandra Mckee-Bennett says:

    Alexandra McKee-Bennett

    What great bones! With small changes to remove some up the “updates” it would be lovely. The city of Oshawa should have made the developer move the home to a protected city lot,before granting the right to develop this land. Which is indeed done in other cities with more intelligent town planners. Then use this home as a museum to share local history.

    Toronto has lost too many charming buildings before they started to protect important structures. It has lost a great deal of it’s uniqueness. Now more American, much dirtier… and it would not be compared to “New York run by the Swiss” today, as it was by Peter Ustinov in the late1980’s. A time when the city still was very livable, well managed, and one could breath the air! So glad I was a young professional woman living there then, able to enjoy all the city had to offer. It is really sad to see the currant state.

    My hope is this Oshawa home can be moved and saved.If the city has no interest, really surprised some smart designer has not asked to move it and live in it, or renovate it for a client. Think of what it would cost to construct this today. Far less interesting homes (2) have been moved in Brooklin,as part of the redevelopment happening now. Perhaps speak with Whitby planners to see how this was done. Thank you for your important post Michael. I look forward to dropping into your shop very soon!

  7. Lauren says:

    It’s shameful – wonder if they could get Flaherty interested. Don’t know the ins and outs of municipal/provincial/federal politicking but if constituents raise it to him he may be able to exert some influence?

  8. Linda says:

    What a beautiful interior, move in ready. It’s so sad that no one, City of Oshawa or the developer for this land has the interest or inclination to preserve such a great piece of history.

  9. wendy says:

    Beautiful detail – inside and out! Why can’t the house just be relocated?

  10. Jane says:

    Makes me FURIOUS. Why don’t they just buy an empty lot and re-build? I know, I know- because they love the established neighbourhood no doubt. Happens all the time. Probably going to put a characterless, huge, tasteless house they will think is much better than this one. Oh how wrong they are. Sigh….

  11. Mary says:

    Oh I hope they don’t demolish it – it’s beautiful and has so much charm – I live in a historic part of Bowmanville and my home is over 107 years old – just the thought breaks my heart. The character and charm of old homes cannot be reproduced.

  12. Why do they have to demolish it? Looks well kept and perfectly good home with maybe some minor renos and updates only :(

  13. Caroline says:

    Michael – If you haven’t heard, there are others fighting for preservation of the farm and it’s historical buildings. is spearheaded by Mark Morrisette. Drop him a line if you haven’t done so already, and perhaps there can be strength in a common goal.

  14. Thank yo for sharing. I hope this home was saved. I worry when there is so little respect for history. Such a glorious, well built home.
    I live in a house built in 1873 and love the fact that it has such rich local history.
    I hope they preserve this gem of a house.
    Kind regards,

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