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Sarah 101: Country Kitchen and Statement Bath

June 13, 2012 by admin

It was another fun-flled episode of Sarah 101 last night!  Stephanie’s farm house kitchen (in the most t0-die-for country house I’ve seen in a long while) and Luana’s luxurious bathroom.

Luana’s tragic 80’s explosion before…


Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Stephanie’s gorgeous farmhouse…seriously, I nearly wept when I visited this place…

and here’s Stephanie’s not-so-gorgeous kitchen…

But wait – it got some Sarah Richardson Design love!  Here’s the AFTER!

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Sarah Richardson Design Inc

Now it’s time for you to weigh in…  Are you with me on the stunning beauty factor of Stephanie’s farmhouse?  Did you get into that mosaic tile in Luana’s bath like I did?  Any ideas sparked?  Design tv is certainly polarizing at times – see last week’s Sarah 101 post for a very helpful explanation of the whole process from none other than Tommy Smythe himself.  He clarifies how the whole process works.  I’d love to know what you think of this week’s episodes too!


  1. Carol Anne says:

    doing floor plans in my office, missed the first show, hate when that happens… hopefully they will show it again, the piece I saw was the Kitchen… wow, this is Sarah design! that light fixture is the find of the year I think… amazing
    really loved the barn board and the grey grout, good call, worked so well.

  2. Kiki says:

    I love the mosaic! And the kitchen is giving me so many ideas for my kitchen, which I am currently renovating on my own (oh boy, lots of work haha). I just bought my first home in Hampton, a cute little country house that needed a lot of TLC. Two months into the reno now, we are getting closer to the design part and I am getting so many ideas from your posts! I am inspired by everything you do, and I’ve gone back and read almost all of your blog, it’s fantastic. And I can’t believe you are right in Whitby! I can’t wait to stop by on my way home from work :)

  3. Leslie-Anne says:

    Loved the kitchen. Loved the barnboard. Did not love the light fixture above the island. The bathroom was pretty.

  4. Anne says:

    Not too keen on this season of Sarah 101 — love the decorating, but dislike the way clients are treated/portrayed. Sarah and Tommy give the impression of getting being flippant and too big for their breeches.
    Might stop watching the show.

  5. Jen says:

    Loved both the kitchen and the bath! And I’m with you Michael about the farmhouse! Absolutely stunning.

  6. Gail says:

    Ok, feel bad..I love Sarah..the kitchen was not where I want to cook…I know , great stuff in the after..I need warm and cozy..I felt it on the before ….I tried really I did..I liked the old way..could have added some old cupboard and I would have been happy..I love Sarah..only a few I would let in my house and she is one the other is Mr. Penney…I am sorry about this….I am an everyday cook so maybe I’m just picky…

  7. What a FIND the island fixture was – loved that and mixing the barn board. This week’s episodes were both great. I loved the bathroom and the ‘watery’ shades with white.

    Those two make me laugh.. Sarah picking Tommy up LOL!! Other than the first two episodes (glad I hung in) I am loving this season of 101. Missed you in this one though??

  8. I’m a fan of Sarah’s. I love to see what her and Tommy will come up with. But that mosaic doesn’t do anything for me in the bathroom. I just don’t care for it at all! However, the barn board touches in the fresh white kitchen? Love!

  9. dwellingideas says:

    Beyond fabulous! Loved them both. (the rooms and the hosts!) Rhonda Short dwellingideas

  10. Pauline Maynard says:

    I envy people like Sarah and Tommy who can plan a great make over. Both the kitchen and the bathroom “after” renos were soooo much better than the “before.s” I had been wondering what kind of kitchen backsplash to put in my kitchen and I am going to use Sarah and Tommy’s idea of a bevelled white tile with grout coloured to pick up on the predominant colour in my granite countertop. This grout did play up the classy herringbone design. Pauline.

  11. Jane says:

    Gorgeous overall! I didn’t dig the light fixture in the kitchen either-can’t put my finger on why. I was mixed on the barn board too but overall great tv!!

  12. loved the two episodes! I love the use the mosaics as featured wall in the shower and also as “artwork” as Sarah called it behind the tube. I like how fluid, the movement, and energy the mosaics offer and how this feature juxtaposes against the linear, structure stonework on the floor.

    I like the custom vanity idea (learned another lesson on varying heights for sink and storage) but on the fence about the finishes. Love the pendant and pair of wall sconce Idea. I’m doing the same in my future en-suite.

    Oh now that Kitchen …. I’m absolutely crazy about that kitchen .. and that house!! so jealous you get to visit the place and that Stephanie has Sarah as bff! Love the big island, the use the barn board to bring in the rustic element to warm up the contemporary grey and white scheme. unusual fixture over the island but I like it for its industrial vibe. That’s probably what Stephanie wants for her chic kitchen in the country!

    What I love the most about the show is to learn about the layout of the space. You guys did such an amazing job to layout the space to max out the full potentials. Can’t wait to learn more!

    Saw you working hard at the background during the “dishwasher didn’t fit” situation :)

  13. All I can say is , I can not wait to see these in the US. I would be through the roof happy with that chic kitchen. I really loved it. The bathroom was fantastic and that is just through the photos. If I like the photos, I usually love it even more when I see the episode. The kitchen looks personal yet will stand the test of time…..really great!! My white on white kitchen which is really not too shabby of a kitchen is looking blah to me today!

  14. Michele says:

    I am would like to know the soruce for the pendant light in the bathroom (the small, ice cube looking pendant). Thanks!

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