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Aren't Daisies The Friendliest Flower?

June 7, 2012 by admin

I arrived at Penney & Company a little early this morning (shock!) and decided to take advantage of the sunny morning and stroll around the neighbourhood just behind my shop.  It’s the old part of Whitby with tons of charming houses and nineteenth century cottages with very pretty gardens.

I stopped to take a snap of these sweet little daisies and was reminded of that feel-good classic, You’ve Got Mail.  Remember when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are in her charming New York apartment and he brings her daisies?  Ryan’s character thinks that daisies are just plain friendly and  I couldn’t agree more.  So when you see daisies on a June stroll or along the side of the road, try to take a moment to appreciate their uncomplicated and beautiful friendliness.

Plus they make the best bouquet for your sweetheart…

Daisies in Whitby on a June morning





flowers by Amy Merrick


Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail – loved that apartment!


  1. faith says:

    Thanks for the inspiration for the day. Daisies are so friendly just like you, our neighborhood decorator? Just wanna say wish I was in your neighborhood!

  2. Marilyn says:

    I cannot watch that movie enough…I think I know all the lines One of my favourite movies! And yes….daisies are fresh and pretty

  3. Carol Anne says:

    I so love daisies too, my bridesmaids carried pink daisy bouquets…
    I so love that movie too, if it’s on tv I stop whatever I’m doing to watch, and your so right that apt or flat she lived in and the little shop around the corner were amazing design!
    Have a wonderful day, Loved your redo of the room on Marilyns show, great tips everyone! (tiffany blue dresser was to die for… if you have the time could you send me the colour & company of the paint you used,
    Regards, Carol Anne

  4. Gail says:

    Love that movie..the apartment is my dream get away place…..the daisies make me feel happy….

  5. how2home says:

    I just stumbled onto your blog and i love it! Daisies are one of my all time favorite flowers. Do you grow them in your own garden?

  6. Deirdre says:

    My favorite flower! Wore them in my hair and carried them at our wedding nearly 43 years ago. Huge bouquet with yellow and blue steaming ribbons!

  7. I had a yellow dotted-swiss dress for my senior prom and daisies were my corsage! (You should’a seen the tux – black and yellow!) Love that apartment, too – and the movie!

  8. liza says:

    My favorite flower & my favorite movie.

  9. Nancy gaylord says:

    Daisies are so serine and your right, so happy. I am remembering making daisy chains as a child for my Mom. Nancy

  10. lisa says:

    I love daisies, my bedroom was all white, green and yellow with beautiful daisy print padded headboard and valance in the same print.that my seem-stress grandmother made. white cotton curtains…and a matching daisy comforter.I still have the daisy sheets, from almost 30 years ago….your post brought back memories…Lisa

  11. Michael!~ OMG, I cannot tell you how many times I have quoted Meg’s character saying (about daisies) “Their so friendly.” You are the only other person who has referenced this for me… you made me so happy. I just picked a tiny posy for my kitchen window sill. I really must get in to see you soon :>)

  12. Leslie-Anne says:

    I carried a bunch of daisies tied with a white ribbon, 23 years ago this month ,when I married the man of my dreams!

  13. marina bishop says:

    did you know that your grandfather would pick a daisy (or any other flower if there were no daisies) bring it in to your grandmother and sing to her ‘I’ll give you a daisy a day love,i’ll give you a daisy a day,i’ll love you until the rivers run still and the world as we know it passes away-‘ she loved daisies -and i always make sure there are daisies on their headstone-dont forget pop was in his eighties-
    love your blogs and your tv appearances-

    Aunt Marina

  14. Sandra says:

    Daisies are such happy looking flowers, loved the photos in this post. And what a sweet comment by your Aunt Marina.

    Although I am feeling a little guilty now because I picked up this daisy wreath kit in D.C. over March break and was for sure going to make it for a springy Easter decoration…yes you guessed it, never got done. Maybe it will be the happy summer wreath now.

  15. cmosaic says:

    I love daisies in dainty vintage pottery sprinkled around the house. Easy decorating pick me up

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