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Sarah 101 Season 2, Episodes 1 & 2

May 30, 2012 by admin

Wellllll?????  What’d you think?

Tonight’s premiere episode of Sarah 101 was Jennifer’s dining room – black and white with lots of accents of colour!  Designed for a young family who wanted a fun take on their traditional home.  Then there were the burned out renovators – modernists with hip, urban style.  The headboard with that amazing Celerie Kemble fabric and the glassed in hallway with the photo decal.

I’d love to know your reactions!  Be honest!


A special thank you to Sarah and Tommy for a fantastic season!


  1. Daniel says:

    I didn’t get to watch it, but I saw some teaser pics on the website. I saw your signature dining chairs painted black and they looked great! Well done, looking forward to the rest of the season. Will you do another with them?

  2. Lauren says:

    Wasn’t loving the dining room to be honest. Some of the pieces worked but it was too much for me all together. The curtains seemed a bit faddy. The bedroom was cool though…not my style but it really worked. Loved the glass wall!

  3. Janice says:

    I love the decision making process that goes into creating a space–I think that is what truly benefits the viewer. Following choices from the dream stage to the function stage. I loved the chairs in the dining room and I also loved the headboard and the glass wall. Tommy was right about the bed.

    My only complaint?
    30 minutes goes by too quickly–I wanted more!

    Where is that fabric store in Toronto-would love to visit the next time I find myself in Toronto.

  4. Carol Ann says:

    dining room…loved the drapery fabric, would have picked on colour for the chair seats and painted the doors all black, as for the black and white area rug I think stripes would have been a little less busy…

    bedroom…the female client did not like the headboard fabric… in the real world it would have been changed for something they both liked… the 2 different chairs bothers me, at the window elevation that is all I saw, my rule if there are 2 chairs they must match.

    I find that design tv shows do what they want not what the client wants… this is not the world I design in, in my world the client is the boss not me… no matter what I must make the room or home work for the client…

  5. Leslie-Anne says:

    I loved the dining room chairs, especially because they were all a different colour. As far as I’m concerned you can’t have too much colour!
    The bedroom was great to see because it was just a regular sized room, not from a McMansion.
    The best part of the show for me are Sarah and Tommy and how they interact-they have great chemistry.

  6. Pat says:

    I love watching the process of putting a room together. Sarah, Tommy and the team make it such fun.
    I must say, though, that I wasn’t crazy about the finished rooms. The dining room was a bit wild for my taste (what parent would want that carpet with young children around?!) and the bedroom looked more like a tween’s room rather than an adult bedroom.
    I will continue to watch because there are always great ideas that the viewer can adapt and I enjoy seeing Sarah and her team at work :).

    As for the fabric store, I believe it was Designer Fabric Outlet on Queen St West (near Dufferin). One could spend an entire day there!! The staff is helpful and you can take large samples home by leaving a deposit, which is refundable when you return the sample (in person or by mail).

  7. Allana says:

    I didn’t particularly like either. I liked the dark wood of the dining room and am a traditionalist at heart. The dining room had great layering that I would have loved to see a lesson on, and I thought the layout of the bedroom really practical and liked seeing the process. I wonder how long until they put in blackout shades and a king sized bed, tho!

    Neither room looked like a Sarah Richardson room, which I often thought last years as well. Not enough fabric!

  8. Lara says:

    So glad the show is back! I felt the fabrics were very 80’s and I’m not sure if they will stand the test of time. I loved some of the individual pieces like the chairs and corner hutch but everything together was a bit much for me. My favourite was definitely the glass wall in the bedroom episode – just beautiful!! I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

  9. Marilyn says:

    I love Sarah’s designs….have watched her since she began. However, this time I think I would give her a C- Dining room was way over the top. Not the Sarah Richardson I know.

  10. kevin says:

    The chair seat covers a Jamie Drake knock off hated the scale of the butler’s stand in the window area too low and the chairs flanking way to busy and the white was not great in the room also disliked the carpet… the bedroom just okay glass wall and cabinets great stuff

  11. bea says:

    I like the dining room so much better in the pics above than I did on the show. I’ve found that before with Sarah Richardson shows – the rooms are lit so brightly that they look washed out on TV, but then if I see the same rooms profiled in a magazine I love them.

  12. Sandy Salm says:

    Classic Sarah: courageous and dramatic! Although I personally am not a fan of primary colours, for “a young family who wanted a fun take on their traditional home” they fit the bill perfectly. There are a lot of take-home lessons here. (And I’m so glad HGTV posts the shows online, so that people who don’t have cable can watch too.)

  13. Katrina says:

    I liked the furniture in the dining room. Your chairs were great! Did not like the fabric chosen for the chairs or the drapes. Overall, I thought the room was too too busy. Young family or not, I think you’d tire of this very quickly. The rug was extremely busy!!!

  14. Georgina says:

    Really enjoyed it. I found the dining room too busy. Loved the bedroom. I think the king bed could have stayed especially since there was no table lamps

  15. Alix says:

    I always enjoy watching her shows and am also glad that they were posted on line (because, 8 pm is a busy family time for me) Anyway my “review” of the 2 episodes (as if it even matters – lol) is as follows…

    Dining Room = Elle Decor and, Bedroom = DWELL/ Living Etc…

    I have to say that I loved the dining room transformation due to the fact it was so much different & better than the before! I found the vinyl image on the glass wall to be very innovative and well executed. As a decorator, I wouldn’t have downsized my clients’ bed to a queen. Once you have a king, it’s impossible to go back to a queen – just sayin’….

  16. Emma says:

    First off, I thought you were adorable, Michael! (“Too castle-y!” Love it!)

    I think these two designs were a lot more modern than what I’ve seen from Sarah. In the dining room, I thought the rug and the two-tone doors were a bit cray-cray, but I loved the drapery fabric and the Dorothy Draper hutch. Loved the bedroom from top to bottom – especially that headboard! Her fabric choices were the strongest elements of both rooms, I think (though I agree that she should have gone with one colour on the dining room chair seats!)

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  17. Trina says:

    I miss the Sarah of Room Service days :(

    I didn’t like either room but it won’t stop me from watching the whole season (just like last year).

  18. margo says:

    I also miss the Sarah of Room Service days even though I will no doubt watch season 2 of Sarah 101

  19. So sad this hasn’t been on in the States in a year. I miss Sarah and Tommy!

  20. ashley delapp says:

    i am addicted to anything sarah and tommy and absolutely LOVED both rooms. i especially love the bedroom and am crazy about the vinyl graphic on the glass wall. any chance you can share the source for the graphic?

  21. […] Did anyone watch the new episode of Sarah 101? Season 2 is just starting. I think her 101 designs are WAY more bold and colorful than she does in her own houses, or the ones she is reselling after the show. via Michael Penney […]

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