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Jen Low Update

May 23, 2012 by admin

You’ll remember the gorgeous modern kitchen Sabrina Linn designed for famous-foodie Jen Low?

Well, she’s filled me in on a couple of updates I wanted to share with you.  Her kitchen has simply gotten better with age and Jen has added a collection of charming oil paintings to up the vintage appeal in her modern space.  Jen has also displayed her collection of rustic metal kitchen utensils from a skylight above, and I think it looks fantastic!

Some of you have asked me what Jen has been up to recently and I’m thrilled to report that she is launching a hot beverage – Gojiccino – and it’s coming to a cafe near you! It’s Jen’s own product and company. Also, her  follow up cookbook, Everyday Kitchen for Kids is out in stores and online in August!  So, you can see, Jen has been a busy girl!  I’m so proud of all of my House & Home friends and the amazing creativity they channel into all they do.

Jen’s wonderful cook book, Kitchen for Kids is available here

And here’s the busy girl on CBC’s Steven and Chris show!

Oh and one more tidbit for ya – those lovely Italian vintage chrome dining chairs are for sale!  A steal at $120 each if you ask me!  I’ll gladly send anyone with interest along to Jen so you can make them yours!

That’s Jen’s cat skulking in the shot!

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