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Whitby Farmer's Market

May 22, 2012 by admin

I’m so excited – the Whitby Farmer’s Market is up and running for 2012!  I got my first taste of the market last Wednesday (it runs every Wednesday in the spring/summer) and it’s just steps from my shop, Penney & Company.  I put the ‘back in ten minutes‘ sign on the window and strolled over to buy some asparagus, tomatoes, strawberry jam and banana bread.  When I got back to my shop I thought to myself, “I think this is what they call living the dream“.  It really is and I’m so excited – I want everyone to come visit the market!

So if you want to spend the perfect afternoon, come by the Whitby Farmer’s Market and Penney & Company tomorrow, Wednesday May 23rd!  Oh and I’ve got the world’s cutest woven market totes to haul your local produce home with!

For more information on the Whitby Farmer’s Market, visit


  1. Mike says:

    I’m with you Michael, I love farmers markets,too. We were in Carmel,CA today and their farmers mkt was glorious. We bought asparagus,Swiss chard,zucchini,oyster mushrooms, haricots verts, blueberries, white peaches & other goodies. I also thought of because of all the cute cottages & wonderful antique shops… a bit of Merry Old England on the west coast. You & Sara really must visit… it is enchanting.

  2. So cute – and a really good post for whitby! So nice to have a farmers market!
    love izzy

  3. This is good news for Whitby residents! There is nothing good like buying fresh produce. However, it’s a bit disappointing that the farmers market is open only on Wednesdays. It would have been great if it were open like on weekends when people are free. Nevertheless, this should not discourage anyone from finding time to visit the market.

    • I hear ya! But I think all of the local farmer’s markets are staggered since the farmers move from town to town, opening their booths on different days. Since they’re not here on Saturday, I think it means it’s cause they’re somewhere else that day selling produce. I’m betting if the demand for fresh, local produce grew in Whitby and their numbers went up, we’d see them opening here on Saturday! Let’s show them we want them here! There’s nothing like strolling through the market and connecting with the growers who feed us.


  4. Banana bread is nice, but how did you resist the “butter tarts”. I’ll drive to Whitby just for those little beauties.

  5. michelle defoe says:

    Hey, come out and try the North Oshawa Farmers Market. They’re located in the parking lot at Legend’s arena on Harmony Rd. in Oshawa on Saturday mornings!!

  6. Susan H. says:

    I am so excited to visit the market today. I am hoping to find something local to whip up with dinner tonight. Will have to pop on over to visit your store…just read about you in the Whitby This Week. Susan H.@ The Food Allergy Chronicles

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