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April 3, 2012 by admin

The weather is just beautiful today and I’m so excited to see stirrings in my garden here in Oshawa (Poshawa to you!).  I’ve got a couple of daffodils blooming and lots of little leaves unfurling that I promise to share soon.  In the mean time I’m truly inspired by garden images from the English countryside.  THIS is what’s going on now in Ben Pentreath’s garden and it has my green thumb jumping for joy!  I think I was Peter Rabbit in another life.  Or would I be the mean gardener?  Or Beatrix Potter I guess.  Anyway, enjoy!


Have you ever seen rhubarb so cheerful?


I know!  I know!  A wattle fence and everything!  And the light streaming down…just perfect.


I love the tidy-yet-romantic borders, the pebble bordered pathway, the lattice with its white/minty combo.  Love it all.  Hoping to steal a few minutes to garden soon!  How about you?

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  1. naomi says:

    Oh, that spring light in those pictures! I’m so excited to start digging the gardens for our new home….excited and a little daunted!
    PS. Poshawa :) When we lived in Whitby a friend with as much swag as possible dropped into a conversation that he was going to, ‘Shwa’. Since then Oshawa has been known in our home as “The Shwa” and it must be said with a Clint Eastwood drawl :)

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