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Small Space Anyone?

March 28, 2012 by admin

UPDATE: Okay sounds like some people are interested!  If you have a small space with a few areas to decorate (not renovate) please email my blog at WITH pictures and an idea of the budget you might have.  Thanks so much guys!

I’m just testing the waters here, but I wondered if anyone out there has a small space (apartment or small house) that could use some freshening up?  You’d have to have at least a small budget, but I just might be looking for something…if anyone’s interested…GTA is a must and even closer to Oshawa would be ideal…I dunno, could be a long shot but you never know…

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda in their tiny Barefoot in the Park apartment


  1. Paula Nolan says:

    Is this for a ‘Sarah 101’ project? Cause confiditionally, I prefer your style of late. I sometimes joke that with no budget I’ve taken a ‘this property condemned’ and turned it into ‘an unsellable’! What do you consider a small budget?

  2. Michelleas says:

    I do, I do!
    (jumps up in air, wildly waiving hands)

  3. Yes, I have someone – my sister who lives in Whitby that you met on Sunday. She has a small space and a small budget!

  4. Wow.. someone is going to luck out big time. Sure wish it was me but we are in St. Catharine’s.. which is not quite what you had in mind of course. Love your style and our old character house has some great rooms that could use your ‘tweaking’ so if you ever want a project in the Niagara area, please keep me in mind. Where will we see the finished project?

  5. Meghan says:

    Yes please come help us out with our small Toronto row house! We love in the upper beaches and would love your help. We share our house with our new baby and our mini goldendoodle.I emailed you a long time ago but never heard back. What’s a small budget??? Hope to hear from you. Crossing my fingers

  6. Sure wish you could come to Vancouver!!!

  7. farquist says:

    Love that apartment. Love that movie.
    …Not barefoot in the Park in Wpg…zero budget :(

  8. coffeewithjulie says:

    Oh, why oh why can’t I live closer?? I’m in Ottawa if you fancy a roadtrip! :)

  9. I have lots of small spaces (and a small budget) and I live in Markham! My living room definitely needs some help. It’s pretty drab and to say nicely, “kid-friendly”. Another small room that needs desperate attention is my bedroom. It’s always been the last room we focus on which means we haven’t made any changes in 3 years and it’s looking pretty sad. If you want to go REALLY small, our bathroom definitely needs freshening up! Contact me if you’re interested – I would be so honoured!

  10. Jayne says:

    Hope you find the space you need to work on ….. BUT….. if ever you’d like to work in Nova Scotia someday please feel free to give me a call and our castle shall become your castle for the refreshing………you know, I’m just sayin’!!! Hope all is going well with you’re new store Michael. Happy spring.

  11. Kate says:

    I have both a small space and a small budget, but even better I’m about 5 minutes from Oshawa, and about 10 minutes from your new store! We bought our house a few years ago, and haven’t been able to completely finish any of the rooms yet I think we have a good base going, but there are a few spaces that definitely could use some freshening.

  12. What fun! If I lived in the GTA, I’d be interested for sure. Cheers!

  13. cheryl says:

    hello M, i will send photo’s I have a Foyer & Bedroom if that counts? one questions?? Is your rate included in our Budget or shall we consider that on top of our Budget??

    many thanks

  14. Sandra says:

    Is Etobicoke to far ?

  15. beatrice lawson says:

    Yay Michael!! I do hope to see you having your own show on HGTV, that would be lovely. I know Oakville is too far but just knowing that you are willing to work with “regular” clients whose budget is not in the “let’s spend $100,000 at Elte for one room” range is so refreshing. By the way, your dining room was a huge inspiration and now even my hubby who does not read design mags, knows your name:-) How’s that for the beginning of fame?

  16. Elaine king says:

    I do and I am in Whitby! I’d love to do something in my family room … It’s small and has a terriblely hard to decorate around corner fireplace. I have a budget for the room too:). It has a vaulted ceiling and in desperate need of a makeover!

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