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Happy Friday!

March 16, 2012 by admin

Well another crazy day (and hopefully the last for a while where I have to divide my attention for the store)!  I’m off to the city to revamp the Marilyn Denis set for spring on a shoe string budget.  I’ve got a car just FULL of props and things to try out on set.  Here’s hoping!

But work is not the entire universe, is it?  Have you noticed any snow drops where you live?  I have and they just make my heart sing!

Let’s all take time to notice the onset of spring this weekend okay?  I saw two robins in my parents backyard this week too which, since kindergarten has always made me excited.  I can’t wait to get out in the garden!  But not before this store gets straightened out!  Here’s an inspiration picture from Ben Pentreath’s gorgeous London shop.  If mine could be half as nice…


  1. Mike says:

    Happy Spring, Michael! When we lived near Montreal it was always a moment of great excitement when the first spring flowers popped up- maybe the snow was finis? So I totally understand.
    As for your shop,I’m sure it will be lovely. Thanks for making us a part of the adventure!

  2. Jayne says:

    Happy Spring to you and your’s Michael ….. my ocean back yard is being blessed with dozens of beautiful chubby robins, I even saw a blue bird on my way to work yesterday ….. I just love the arrival of another new season,
    Ahhh SPRING !!!
    and as for YOU Mr. Penney ….. the store is going to be FAN-TAB-U-LUS!! and beautiful and lovely and inspirational and pretty and colourful and full of the most wonderful things, I just know !! Have a wonderful day getting your new adventure started.

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