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Lovely Lamps

February 23, 2012 by admin

I’ve probably ranted before about how hard it is to find good lighting these days.  Well Anthropologie has some really great options right now (although kiiiinda pricey – but good inspiration right?).  All of my favourites are kind of quiet and calm colour-wise, which is odd for me, but they’ve got some more colourful ones here too.  Take a look!








  1. Isabella says:

    very cool….

  2. smithers says:

    i dunno about these penny. sorry to miss u today!

  3. Hey – didn’t you use the floor lamp in a weekend dec back in the day? You know you love ’em! Sorry to miss you too! Next time though!


  4. smithers says:

    its true! i thought that was a desk lamp version… okay you got me. i like that one :) the glass one is nice too….

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