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CB2 Toronto Is Open For Business!

February 9, 2012 by admin

Okay for all of you Toronto downtown-ers, this maybe old news, but I wanted to share with the peeps a little farther afield…

A while back I posted about CB2 coming to Canada.  It’s the young, hip-downtown sibling to sister store, Crate & Barrel.  Well after many delays, the store has opened at the corner of Queen West and Bathurst in Toronto.  Formerly the punk club, The Big Bop, the opening of CB2 in Toronto marks the further gentrification of Queen West and provides a flashy hub for hipster shoppers.  My advice to any hipster shoppers though, would be to mix CB2’s wares with some good old-fashioned vintage from the other shops nearby like Abraham’s Antiques.  Just to keep you street cred of course…

Snapped on my blackberry last week…

They were still working on the facade by the way…

P.S. the original Big Bop/CB2 story here.

UPDATE:  I just walked by again this morning and thought for all of you out-of-towners, the new CB2 is in the same block as the new-ish Joe Fresh mega store (with tons more selection than your average Loblaw’s), so together, they make for a fun shopping afternoon!

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