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Homemade Whoppie Pies

February 3, 2012 by admin

Here’s a little chocolatey temptation for you – homemade whoopie pies!  I don’t claim to be an expert pasty chef, but ever since I had my first whoopie pie in Maine I was hooked and I wanted to try my hand at them.  They tasted pretty good!  Trust me, they didn’t last long…

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Mike says:

    Wow, those take me back! We lived in Philadelphia for a few yrs & at the Reading Terminal( an old train station which houses food stalls,shops,restaurants,etc -a foodie heaven) the Amish/Mennonite bakery sold loads of different moon pies. My fave was the pumpkin-so delicious! There’s actually a rivalry over who invented the whoopie(or moon) pie was it those hardy Mainers or those thrifty Amish in PA?
    I seem to recall seeing homemade whoopie pies at the bakeries in St.Jacobs,ON. Though my favourite treat there is there strawberry rhubarb custard squares- beyond words.
    Happy wknd to you & Sara,too!

  2. Kathy says:

    Have never eaten a whoopie pie…would like to try making them. Unfortunately your link, presumably for the recipe, isn’t clickable.
    Enjoy your blog very much!
    Cheers, Kathy

  3. naomi says:

    They look very yummy. I love the pretty mint plate they’re placed on!

  4. katy elliott says:

    Great job Michael! Thanks for sharing my recipe!

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