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Black Bathroom

February 2, 2012 by admin

Here’s something a little out of the box…a black bathroom.  Just typing that phrase makes me thing of slick 80’s modern design and has me wrenching, but this black bathroom is anything but!  It’s actually a fairly traditional space with beadboard wainscotting and a soaker tub – the big difference is the black paint and moody vibe.

The black is balanced by the light basket weave tiled floor (still hints of black though) and the mirrored walls.  All of that light and reflection counteracts any heaviness from the black paint.

Such an interesting shower curtain idea – is that burlap?  Maybe heavy linen?  Either way the earthiness is nice with the shiny, dressy paint.

Bamboo blinds, like the burlap or linen curtain add to the posh/humble balance.  Great idea with black and white.

And a campaign table (also bamboo) with a little tableau of finds adds personality and provides a perch for whatever you need by the tub.  This is beautiful and unusual bathroom perfect for getting us out of the white-white-white spa bathrooms we see so often.  Designed by Mark. D. Sikes, found via Habitually Chic.  


  1. Mary says:

    It has a very masculine vibe, which I love. Did you notice the picture of Johnny Cash above the toilet? He was called The Man in Black.

  2. Leslie W. says:

    I have a black and pink bathroom, but it’s nowhere as chic a this one. Gorgeous!

  3. Kristin says:

    I am shocked that I like most things about this; however, how many people do you know who’d love a huge mirror in their shower?! :)

  4. Nancy gaylord says:

    Didn’t think I would like a black bathroom, wouldn’t have been my choice. However,this one is beautiful and so elegant. I love everything about it except the mirror in the shower. At my age , not a sight I would love to see. Nancy

  5. Danielle says:

    That is awesome. Very Euro/Casablance-chic!

  6. Ooh…quite like! So different, yet really classy. Makes me think of a men’s clubhouse or something 😉

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