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Christmas Party Decor

December 22, 2011 by admin

Well folks, it’s almost here!  Before it’s too late, I wanted to share with you the other decorations around our house as we prepare for Christmas day.  We hosted a small party last weekend and pretty well finished getting the house ready just in time.  Here’s what we did…

The dining table looked extra festive with it’s vintage table cloth, mix’n match china and striped napkins (a Zeller’s score!)…

I decided to keep it simple on the mantle (since we have lots going on elsewhere) and I love the effect!  Myrtle topiaries with little bow ties and candlelight just makes it!

Of course there’s the tree…glowing and happy. I see a few early presents there too!  I wonder what they are…

On top of my mom’s old piano we set up an adorable Christmas village.  The little houses look like they’re 50 years old but they’re brand new – and from Loblaws!!  I couldn’t believe it when I saw them and of course threw them in the cart.  The silver trees are Loblaws too and the green ‘bottle brush’ trees are from Dollarama.  I kid you not!  I just added some yarn and gold garland (Dollarama) to make them festive.  I’m so pleased with the effect.  The little Santa in his sleigh is vintage from my friend Ruth.  He fits right in!

I think my nephew’s going to love this!

And finally a special addition to the Christmas festivities this year:  a vintage aluminum tree!  This tree was found in the basement at Sara’s grandpa’s this year and I think her dad and Aunt Lynn will get a kick out of seeing it assembled and decorated again.  Sara’s dad said he remembered it well from back in the day.  I just love it’s retro glamour and the spare, not-t00-full look and the quirky ornaments.  I think it’s my favourite decoration for Christmas 2o11!

Hope your decorations make you just as happy!


  1. Mike says:

    Very warm & elegant,well done.I vaguely remember the aluminum trees from back in the day,maybe I’ll have to find a vintage one.
    Happy holidays!

  2. Aw, love the aluminum tree very much.

  3. Lori Kaiser says:

    Thanks for sharing….I love the vintage silver tree and the little houses with vintage Santa…..brings back memories of a sweeter, simpler time.

  4. I wish I had seen those houses at Loblaws – love them! I love both of your trees – the full, real one and the vintage one. Happy Holidays to you and Sara and thanks for gracing the blogosphere with your delightful posts!

  5. Nancy gaylord says:

    Everything is beautiful. Love the vintage tree. thanks for sharing. Nancy

  6. naomi says:

    You’ve captured the warmth of Christmas. Love the snowy vignette on the piano and the blue and white china ornaments on the tree are gorgeous.

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