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Cottage In Surrey – The Holiday

December 20, 2011 by admin

So last night after church in the morning and Christmas shopping in the afternoon, I couldn’t bring myself to do anything but flop on the couch and watch a movie.  For me, the best kind of movie is entertaining and stylish and The Holiday is a real goodie.  The Amanda/Cameron Diaz house is pretty nice – very L.A. so I could take it or leave it, but the stone cottage that Iris/Kate Winslet owns in Surrey, England?!?  Now that’s a stunner.  I’d move in for sure!  Except I’d totally bang my head on the low rafters (as Diaz does).  Check out this cozy-lovliness…

Are you kidding me?!?!  Houses like this exist?!  I especially appreciate that the woodwork is painted a charming blue/green.  And a perfect dusting of snow – of course!  Now let’s step inside shall we?

So far so good!

The exposed beams are ultra-cozy and I love the mix of patterns and colours on the sofa in the window.  There are a few close ups in the movie of this particular area that just make it seem so lived-in and wonderful.

The kitchen is maybe my favourite.  It’s just so quaint and British with its open hearth, cropped drapes and mix n’ match crockery.  When Sara and I watch movies, we can see our own kitchen through the open doorway and we noticed a few similarities…coincidence?  I think not!

The bedroom, high up in the loft seems like the perfect place to curl up with a good paperback, don’t you think?  And who doesn’t love a fireplace in a cottage bedroom?

The bathroom is lovely, with it’s free-standing tub.  The scooped back is interesting and probably makes for a comfortable soak.  I love the unfitted cabinetry too – a chest of drawers is so much more homey than a vanity.

And there you have it – wall-to-wall books on hobbled-together shelves, a gorgeous chair, perfectly faded rug and not a strictly decorative book or object in sight!  Just casually comfortable style.  Oh those Brits! If I’ve whetted your appetite, you should definitely watch The Holiday all over again…


  1. Tessa says:

    yep, quite possibly my all time favorite movie house. i think i sighed out loud when i saw the cottage for the first time. it’s perfect. i do think i read somewhere that the exterior was built just for the movie, but still there are certainly charming stone cottages in surrey. my mum was born in surrey and we still have family there. it’s lovely! have a wonderful christmas and thank you for sharing your wonderful blog! tessa

  2. Mike says:

    I was just reading my favourite Brit shelter mags last night, oohing & ahing over their beautiful heritage homes,even lovelier during the holidays.My personal style is similar,lots of books everywhere & a very homely feel.I could move into that cottage straightway,too!

  3. Love this cottage, it’s the perfect blend of charm and cozy. Would love to spend a lazy week there curled up in front of the fireplace(s).

  4. linda says:


    Definitely one of my favorite movie houses. I love to watch the movie every year just to see that house. I would love to have that kind of character in my own home. It ‘s nice to get ideas here at your blog. Thanks for the help!


  5. Ok…I know this reply is super late, but I loooooove this movie interior. I didn’t get a chance to see it this year ;( – but it’s one of my fav’s for sure 😉 Hope you had a fabulous Christmas Michael!

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  7. abha joshi says:

    I definately loved this house when had its first look in the movie …would like to live in the house

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