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Cutting Our Own Christmas Tree

December 6, 2011 by admin

Sunday was pretty nearly a perfect day.

Woke up (not too early, there was light), drove through the countryside to meet our good friends Anne-Louise and Jon and their daughter Emma for brunch.  Had favourite banana-nutella crepe of epic proportion (was delicious and just huge enough).  Drove to Horton’s Tree Farm to cut down our very own tannenbaum.


Above is a picture of the tree farm.  Isn’t it ideal?  Bonus points for anyone who can name the famous Christmas movie I just quoted.

This is a shot of me carrying our gigantic tree to the waiting tractor and wagon.  Jon and I hacked our two trees down with our bare hands (and a sharp saw) and then dragged them away.  It’s a good thing Jon is a very outdoorsy-type guy and is always prepared.  I forgot to bring gloves, a hat, and even proper footwear (my converse were soaked).  Jon was kind enough to lend me gloves and let me use his saw!  And yes, I do own one, I just forgot!

Hot chocolate by a campfire?  Perfect.  Marshmallows?  Even better.


Here’s our tree all bundled up and ready to go!  We brought him home, gave him a fresh cut and argued for the next hour about whether or not he was leaning to the left or right once in the stand.   All part of the fun!  Next up – the decorations!


  1. Paula Nolan says:

    A cliffhanger…looking forward to the next episode.

  2. Nancy gaylord says:

    Hey, great fun getting your own tree. However it is for the young or even a little older. We always cut our own tree.Now however we bring upstairs our pretty little artificial tree very early and enjoy it a little longer. Looking forward to seeing your decorations. We do have a small real one for the grandchildren in the family room and they cover it with dollar store birds and homemade nests full of glued marbles. there are single birds and family groups and extended family groups. They spend all afternoon doing it and it is one of theia favorite traditions. Happy decorating. Nancy

  3. smithers says:

    a cliffhanger indeed! beautiful tree pen!

  4. Mike says:

    That brings back memories! We lived in the Adirondacks for a few yrs & it was so much fun walking up the hills with light (or not!) snow falling and finding that perfect tree.The farm provided a sled to trundle it down with & after it was wrapped & safely tucked in the trunk,it was time for hot chocolate! Thanks for sharing Michael & like the others I look forward to seeing the finished product !

  5. So fun! We have an artificial tree, but my parents still go to the same tree farm that my Dad’s gone to since he was my age to cut their own. This Saturday is the big tree cutting day, and Sunday we decorate! I love real trees at Christmas, and cutting your own is so fun! We’ll definitely start that tradition with our little one once we’re in a bigger house! :)

    Can’t wait to see yours all decorated!

  6. Great memories. Glad to hear that My DH and I aren’t the only ones who argue about the angle of the tree. lol

  7. Samantha says:

    White Christmas
    Something like…
    Bob Wallace: Isn’t it ideal?
    Phil Davis: We just looked at each other and said, isn’t it ideal.
    General Waverly: We’ve established the fact that the lodge is ideal.

    Can’t wait to see it all trimmed up!

  8. weschap says:

    I knew it was White Christmas too…what else would it be?!

    • Gailey says:

      As I saw that first picture of the field of trees, I thought to myself, “I recognise that field!” Sure enough, I was there the week before you and cut two myself. It’s been many, many years since I cut my own tree. Great minds think alike!

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