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Simple and Cheap Christmas Wreath DIY

November 23, 2011 by admin

So I’ve decided to get into the holiday spirit a little early this year.  This is the first Christmas in years that I haven’t had to do the whole thing twice (think Christmas in August for a magazine story).  This year I’ll just put my tree up once!  Well since Christmas has more of a novelty to me this year, I’m getting into the spirit even though it’s still November.

This weekend I picked up this cheap and cheerful balsam wreath at my local Home Depot.

Let’s just say I wasn’t thrilled with the sad little bow.  That had to go straight away!

My favourite technique for hanging a wreath is to use a nice length of grosgrain ribbon and looping it through the centre of the wreath.  Then I simply use a regular old thumb tack to attach the ribbon to the top (or thickness) of the door.  That way you don’t need a nail stuck in your door!  So simple!  You can totally leave this simple ribbon as is if you like, but…

I added a second piece of ribbon and just tied it like shoe laces onto the first ribbon loop.  Couldn’t be simpler!

Merry Christmas everybody!


  1. Isabella says:

    So beautiful. So achievable. So simple. I will do it to my ugly british door – eventhough there aren’t any inexpensive wreaths around. I love this post!
    I miss you!

    • Oh I hope you do Isabella! Hope it’s going well – Christmas time in London must be magical! I was watching some H&H online tv last night and remembering the good times we had. Hope to see you again soon!


  2. Nancy gaylord says:

    Simple but elegant. so festive. Nancy

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