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TGIF – and some details…

November 4, 2011 by admin

Oh my gosh this weekend couldn’t come fast enough!  I am so exhausted and looking forward to some R&R.  For me that usually means curling up (hopefully with a good new decor mag) and enjoying the sunlight in my house.  I tend to leave and return home in the dark these days so sunlight in my living room is a novelty!

Here’s a pretty detail of a gorgeous vintage wing chair in my den/office.

This chair was an AMAZING find two summers ago in Maine.  The original chintz floral fabric is perfectly faded and tattered (cuts the sweetness in my opinion) and I love the tarnished nail head detail.  I also LOVE love LOVE the painted ball and claw feet – so regal but in a shabby time-worn way.  The whole thing sits on jute carpet with a ‘sea glass’ painted wall and apple green slub silk drape.

Aren’t those colours lovely?  The silk drapes actually came with the house and I decided to keep ’em.  The sea glass wall was an attempt to create a slightly  quirky palette so things didn’t match too perfectly.

Near by my fav old wing chair is another Maine antique – this handsome old chest with marble top.  Yes, we lugged it all the way back across international borders!

And piled on top?  Lots and lots of magazine inspiration.  The old oil painting I bought for a song on Queen West in Toronto a couple of years back.  I just love the muddy green colour and gold frame.  And the distressed, mellow old marble has such soul.


Just a few of the beautiful details I’ll be enjoying at home after a long hard week of work.  Hope your weekend proves to be just as inspirational!


  1. Alex Allan says:

    Thank you for reminding us to focus on details and for framing your photos to show us another way of viewing things.

    Of course, we are wanting to hear about your new job, but you’ve been quite silent about that. I am guessing it is not appropriate for you to discuss that on your blog…. but we are interested nonetheless!

    • Ya, you’re kind of right on that one Alex. There are strict confidentiality rules on television shows so there’s not much I can say – sorry! I can tell you we’re busy, busy, busy!!! Lots of inspiration, fun new haunts and ideas being bantered around all the live-long day.


  2. Nancy gaylord says:

    Hello Micheal, what a beautiful Fall Sat. I know you are enjoying it in your lovely home and that comfy vintage chair. I love the colors and all the accessories that make your house a home. I too would love to hear more about your job but understand the confidentiality rules. I hope it is inspiring and fulfilling. Have a glorious weekend. Nancy

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