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Serious Score: McGuire-esque Chairs

September 28, 2011 by admin

Last week I spied these amazing vintage bamboo chairs in Toronto.  Of course I liked them for what they are, but they also seemed familiar to me too.  Then, flipping through a back issue of House Beautiful Magazine, I saw them!  They’re just like the ‘cracked ice’ chair by very exclusive, very expensive McGuire!

These are the vintage ones I found – $195 for a set of four!!!

And these are the ‘cracked ice’ ones from McGuire.  Pretty close aren’t they?

Not bad!  Just have to reduced the puff factor on the seat.


  1. Nancy gaylord says:

    Wow, they are so close to the McGuire-Esque chair of Circa 1968. What a find. Wonder who made them. Great price too. I wouldn’t be able to resist them either. You just never know what you will come across out there. Nancy

  2. Julie says:

    These are from Guff, no? I spied them on their website a few weeks ago and loved them!

  3. Paula Nolan says:


  4. Tim says:

    So jealous! I had my eyes on them for weeks and just couldnt think of a place o use them! Hehe… At least I get to say I picked something Michael would pick too!

    Where will you be using them Michael? For your own place or Sarah 101?

  5. Jacqui Sample says:

    Great find!

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