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Mid-Century Teak Heirlooms

September 22, 2011 by admin

Remember the vintage green table and platter etc from Sara’s grandparents?  Well Sara’s grandparents were also into modern teak furniture and so there are a couple of items that we’re trying to figure out the best spot for.

First a pair of chairs.  There are two of this type of teak and upholstered chair.  Obviously they’ll need recovering, but in what?  And where will they live?

There’s also this cool teak desk from Sara’s grandpa’s doctor’s office.  It’s got sleek drawers with brass keys.  Now where could we put this?

Wouldn’t this look amazing with a cool modern lamp?  Maybe a white and chrome Eames desk chair?  It doesn’t really suit the vibe of our house though…maybe I can spin it some other way?


  1. Paula Nolan says:

    That is a handsome chair. It’s hard to tell the condition of the upholstery in a picture, but I would hesitate before recovering. You could loose that cool, vintage charm vibe….I’m not kidding.
    That desk is a keeper, even if it doesn’t fit in with your current set up.
    Love the idea of a modern lamp complementing desk. The fall Indigo collection you spotlighted on H&H has a terrific one.

  2. Izzy says:

    Hello from a lovely coffee shop in the uk while you are cozy i bed!
    My question is how do u know when something is not in the right vibe with your house …can u describe why
    (I am fortunate to have filmed in your house
    ….what if you were to do your basement with a working office down there….could you make it work?
    Your on camera discoverer…

    • You are too funny Isabella! How’s it going over there in London town? Are you missing us in Canada? We miss you! I wonder what the H&H halls are like with you and me running amuck!

      Well now you know my house has a sort of classic, traditional sort of New England style. It’s kind of not the place for mid century teak because my house isn’t all that eclectic. I do like them but I don’t know, they just might stick out to me. I guess it’s just personal. I might love them in someone else’s house.

      Let me know how your flat is coming along!


  3. Nancy gaylord says:

    Hi Micheal, More great heirlooms. I love the desk, what a great work space–and the history I like the look of the original fabric on the chairs but I guess it depends on how it fits into your decor. I know you will find the perfect place for them and I am looking forward to seeing a post on how you do it. Nancy

  4. Linda says:

    Michael….I love seeing the treasure’s from Sara’s grandpa’s house and your plans for them. I think your home will soon be filled to capacity!!!
    I was out looking at occasional chairs today….I love the new geometric patterns….in cut velvet, silks, etc. – fabulous colours in black and gold, turquoise, raspberry, creams….etc.
    Gives me great ideas for changing the look of some tired chairs.
    But I wish you were here to help!!! Linda


  5. Paula Nolan says:

    Your home is a perfect gem.
    Would the Queen wear a cowboy hat to the opening of Parliment? I don’t think so.

  6. Oooh. Can’t to see what you do with these 😀

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