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Old Houses Seek TLC And Love…Part I

September 15, 2011 by admin

It’s no secret I love old houses.  There’s something about the romance and history of an old house that always has and always will get me.

Where I live in Oshawa, Ontario there are lots of lovely fine old homes that are carefully tended and illicit deep sighs from yours truly as I pass by.  But there are also lots of affordable, slightly worse for wear old houses in need of some repair and stylish updates.  These tired old beauties actually get me almost more excited because I love to imagine their transformation and revel in their potential.

Recently I snapped a few pictures of local Oshawa houses that I’d love to makeover.  I think you’ll agree they’ve got potential!


  1. Mary says:

    I definitely agree! Beautiful homes and what fun it would be.

  2. Cathy says:

    Yes some are whispering while others are….. screaming.
    Will you give us some ideas of what you would do to these homes?

  3. Lynne says:

    Well, Michael–if you love old houses that need some (or a lot of) TLC–have I got a deal for you!!!

    Aunt Lynne

  4. Nancy gaylord says:

    I love old homes.Like most old items, they have history, intrigue and character. I always wanted to bring one back to its original luster. Now I am too old to do that. My daughter owned one that was over 200 years old and with much of its original charm. I always thought that I would be able to feel the presence of families past if i sat quietly enough ,but other than the family cat sitting with its ears forward looking up the long staircase, I only felt the presence of peace. I love the second house that you posted the best with its long verandah across the front and center doorway. How beautiful it could look in all seasons. Wow, thanks for the peek into the past Micheal. Nancy

  5. Isabella says:

    Love number 1 and 2…!

  6. Tim says:

    I like 1,2, and 5! But as all Reno at older houses, probably lots of problems will pop up the moment the wall is opened up. Still I will give it a shot if the house is affordable to begin with and hey, what a chance to make the house totally you!!

    Thanks for sharing Michael! How is life at SRD?

  7. Girlie says:

    I’d take any of these in a heartbeat. But would expect them to be quite expensive – but then I live on the West Coast.

    • No, not expensive at all! They’re in a perfect up and coming area near a down town section that’s quickly being revamped because of a new university. It’s really exciting! I want to buy them all! What an investment!!!


  8. Just in Oshawa to see my sister recently and forgot how many lovely homes there are like you posted! Driving down Simcoe St. South feels like another time and era!!
    I was trilled to see you on a similar old home porch for Sarah 101 season 2!! I heard from the grapevine you are on her team.
    How great!!! 3 of my favourite designers ( I love Tommy too) on 1 show. So happy for you.
    Hoping you do an episode here in Belleville- lots of great old homes at a super price too compared to Toronto or Oshawa!!! Just dreaming maybe…

    Darlene Paradis
    At Home Interior Design

    • Thanks Darlene! I’m so honoured to be in your top three! Yes, we’re all working together on the next season of Sarah’s show and having a great time! Belleville is just PACKED with beautiful old houses. I was at the Corby Rose Garden last weekend and it’s still looking gorgeous. That’s one of the prettiest parts of town I’ve ever seen. Love those houses! Thanks for following along Darlene.


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