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Pretty Palette: Steven Gambrel

July 29, 2011 by admin

Pale blue walls, an orange printed rug and a gigantic grid of botanical prints – what a great idea!  Thanks Steven Gambrel!

Design by Steven Gambrel


Get the look with building blocks like these…

“Robin’s Egg” by Para Paints from the Sarah Richardson palette…

The Isnik Dhurrie from West Elm

A modern take on botanicals from John Derian


  1. Joanna says:

    Any tips Michael on how to successfully hang a block of prints like the ones in your first shot?

    • Well measure carefully and make sure you use the same type of hook on each frame so they all hang in the same way. Then, if you’re hanging a bunch with different size frames I like to make a template of the different frames out of newspaper and painter’s taping them to the wall to figure out my arrangement. Then I leave them on the wall and put the nails into the walls right over the newspaper template (you pull it off afterwards). That way each frame goes in the exact spot you plotted out. Give it a try!


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