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Thomas O'Brien Furniture & Tabletop

July 25, 2011 by admin


Well, I’ve made it back from my vacation in Maine.  It was beautiful and I’ll tell you all about it soon.  It was gorgeous as usual!  And Sara and I met up with the lovely and talented Katy Elliott too!  A perfect week all in all.  More to come but until then…happy Monday!  Here’s a little inspiration…


Thomas O’Brien has been a huge fav of mine for quite a while. And I don’t see that changing any time soon! His designs are just so refined and timeless.

I’ve blogged about his work here before. I thought you should know he has an impressive roster of product so that everyone can get a little O’Brien – or TOB as he’s known – in their homes.

Here are some of my picks. I’d take any of ’em!

This ivory lacquered secretaire is my all time fav, available in Toronto at Elte. It’s part of TOB’s collection for Hickory Chair. They also make this handsome settee…

And this creamy bamboo-style side table. Dreamy…

TOB has teamed up with Reed & Barton for a line of china and silver pieces. I would love to own some of these plates in either brown or blue. Or BOTH!

A little more from the Hickory Chair line. This beats my DIY any day I’m sorry!

Or this?


  1. katy elliott says:

    Love Thomas O’Brien. I had a geeky moment with him autographing a book for me. I talked a million miles an hour and he looked at me like I was crazy. I couldn’t help it…he’s amazing!

    • Oh my gosh Katy, I know what you mean! I met him too and was like, whhhhhaaaatttt the?!?!?!! It’s YOU! He was such a gentleman. His store Aero is so beautiful isn’t it? I bought a few basalt pieces and have even kept the Aero stickers on the bottom I’m such a nerd. Glad you felt the same way!


  2. Mike says:

    Thomas has been doing a line for Target as well,as coincidence would have it I just made my bed with some great batik like sheets from last yr’s collection.Still as colourful & well fitting as the day I bought them. His towels are great,too.
    Glad you & Sara had a pleasant holiday,welcome back Michael.

    • You can say that again Mike! His Target line is great (wish it were bigger actually) and I’m so happy designers like him get the chance to make affordable pieces for all to enjoy. I’m jealous of those batik sheets! I love batik and TOB so they sound perfect!


  3. elenka says:

    Glad you had fun in Maine. I am lucky enough to live here….altho…ahem….ask me how lucky I feel in February!

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