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Painted Gingham Dining Room

June 23, 2011 by admin

One of the decorating stories I’m most proud of is this gingham story from the July  2011 issue of House & Home Magazine.  It took me quite a while to measure, tape and paint that gingham design on that wall!  And guess what – we had to paint over it with gray the very afternoon I’d finished!  That’s a photo shoot for you!  Be sure to check this story out in House & Home for even more gingham ideas.

Design by Michael Penney; Photography by Angus Fergusson; House & Home Magazine, July 2011


This week, my gingham dining room is part of an online gallery of favourite dining rooms from the past 25 years of House & Home.  There’s some stiff competition from the likes of Jeanette Hlinka, Lynda Reeves, Sarah Richardson and Cameron MacNeil, but users are invited to vote on their favourite dining room.  I wonder if there’s a prize…?

Our own dining room here at our home in Oshawa is part of the gallery too and has gotten a few votes!  It’s nice to see too because it was done on a modest budget and yet it’s holding its own against some fancy, high end projects.  Yay DIY!

Design by Michael Penney; Photography by Donna Griffith; House & Home Magazine, June 2011


To check out the whole gallery (and maybe place a vote or two) click here.


  1. naomi says:

    LOVED the gingham room! Possibly my favorite of your designs. Your own dining room is lovely. Also, I second your ‘Yay DIY’!

  2. Mary says:

    They didn’t like the gingham? I think it’s beautiful. That’s what made the room.

    • Oh I see – you mean because of the gray paint? No, it was a studio – not a real house! We had to paint the walls gray for the next shots!! Thanks for the gingham love though Mary!


  3. Danielle says:

    Love both rooms – I’ve been looking for those ikea chairs and cannot find them anywhere in the gta stores!!!! Any tips to find them would be appreciated!!!

  4. Emily Vanderputten says:

    When I saw this wall in the mag, I literally gasped. And then I just gasped as I stumbled across your blog and realized that you painted it! Of course. I have been a huge fan of the magazine and particularly of your work. I am going to duplicate that gingham wall somewhere. Perhaps the kitchen.

    As an American reader, I make a special trip out across town every month to purchase the magazine from the one bookstore that carries it near me. When my favorite shelter mag shuttered (Cottage Living) I was so thankful to discover H&H. You guys get it right every time.

    • Thanks so much Emily and thank you for picking up H&H in the States! It’s so strange to think my work is read down there! But great! Glad you liked the gingham treatment – if you do try it get ready for it to take a while and be patient!!


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