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Sarah Richardson + Marilyn Denis + Paint + Heels

May 19, 2011 by admin

Oh my gosh this video is hilarious!  Decorating and DIY Maven, Sarah Richardson got out a paint brush and roller and actually painted a wall on The Marilyn Denis Show recently.  Proving that she knows what she’s talking about, Sarah dove right in and demoed her heart out in high heels and a cream blazer.  I am not joking.

Next time I do the Marilyn Show maybe I should bring along some heels – or at least a blazer…

Watch the video here.


  1. theresa says:

    that was good info on painting since i do all the painting in the house.

  2. theresa says:

    thats good info, since i do all the painting in the house

  3. I saw that! Sarah cuts in her edges like a pro.

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