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Outdoor Furniture Cravings

April 27, 2011 by admin

One of the best parts about owning our first house is having a yard. Our ninety-year-old home came complete with a pretty big back yard with two huge trees and lots of mature hedges. There’s a section of yard closest to the house that gets lots of shade from a huge maple tree. Because the maple blocks the sun and it has a competitive root system, the grass beneath it has a hard time filling in. I’m thinking this will be the perfect spot for a patio some day. I’m dreaming of red brick in a herringbone pattern. But that will have to wait!

In the mean time I’m on the hunt for affordable outdoor furniture that will someday live on my dream patio. I’d love a table, chairs, umbrella in a fun print, some retro chaises…and…and…

These french-style metal chairs pull at my heart-strings and are totally affordable available at K Mart online and apparently they ship to Canada!

This table and bench are simple and classic and perennial favourites from Ikea.

To add some colour and pattern, how about this retro-style umbrella from Sears US. Again, they say they’ll ship to Canada so my fingers are crossed. I guess I’d have to drill a hole in the centre of the table…But wouldn’t it look like the movie Pleasantville?

Muskoka chairs in fresh white? Yes please! They’re from…LOBLAWS! Handsome furniture at a grocery store? Why not?

And for some sun bathing, I’m totally into these teak coloured wooden Ikea chaises – again totally affordable from Ikea.

What pieces are you looking for for your yard or garden?  Found anything great lately?

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