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Antique Quilts: American Folk Art Museum Exposition

March 29, 2011 by admin

I’ve always loved the artistry found in hand-made quilts.  Thinking of each piece being stitched together is amazing and the colourful and bold geometric designs never go out of style.  Whether you layer them up or use just one as an accent, quilts add rich colour and lots of warmth.

The American Folk Art Museum currently has a beautiful exhibition on right now in New York featuring hundreds of antique red and white quilts.  The exhibit features over 600 quilts from Joanna Rose, a New York collector’s collection of 1500 antique quilts.  Martha Stewart recently taped a segment for her tv show and blogged about the exhibit with some great photos that I wanted to share with you.

Apparently red and white quilt design was one of the most popular colour combinations because the special Turkey red dye was especially colour fast and wouldn’t fade or run.  Since the early 1800’s, red and white quilts reigned supreme and showcased the quilter’s incredibly creative imaginations.  Quilts like these were often created by women in sewing circles or quilting bees and were sometimes used as fund raisers.

You can read more about this exposition on

Maybe it’ll leave you dreaming of a red and white quilt on a bed in a sunny bedroom like me…

Cottage bedroom by Sarah Richardson Design.


  1. carol ann from camdesign says:

    amazing quilts, reminds me to check the date on Calgarys Hertiage Park … cover the park in quilts weekend… so much fun…

  2. Marji says:

    Oh, my…how wonderful!
    Thanks for featuring these which I’m sure I would have otherwise missed.

  3. i’ve never had a quilt….but these are gorgeous..

  4. Bev says:

    Can’t wait to get working on the cottage. Thanks Michael, for the inspiration and ideas!

  5. Grace says:

    Wow, the quilts seem to take on a life of their own displayed all together like that against a dark background. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gina Niesman says:

    I was in a Dallas, Texas, antique mall today (Forestwood) and looking at quilts. A gentleman walked up and told me about your red and white quilts….said it gave him chills just thinking about your wonderful display. I Googled it to find it and I am amazed. What an incredible collection and what an amazing collector you are!!

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