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March 28, 2011 by admin

Well I’m not really an expert in fashion at all, but I do know what I like and I take great inspiration from fashion.  In fact, most days I watch uncut edits of Fashion Television (called Raw) while munching on cereal before catching the train.  So many great ideas – but I digress…

I was in a bit of bind finding something to wear to my cousin’s wedding because a) I hate dressing up, b)I bought a suit and when I tried it on for Sara at home she said I looked like a dad – it promptly went back to the store, and c)I had no money to spend.

So imagine my excitement when I saw a table full of vintage-inpsired Penguin skinny ties at the haute fashion emporium known in  the burbs as Sears!  There were tons of fresh and quirky colour combos and graphic designs and the best part was they only cost $39.95!!  A tie, in the 30’s?!?!  Love that.  So after messing up the whole display table and finding one with a coral, tan, and black mini-check print, I scooped it up.

Next, an on-sale $20 pale pink oxford shirt from Old Navy and I was done!  I just mixed my finds with some pants and a blazer I already had and took the arm of my expertly attired wife, who always makes me look better, and we were off.

P.S. We took several wrong turns and almost missed the ceremony!  After screaming for twenty minutes, we made it just in the nick of time, stylish, but frazzled.

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  1. Kristin says:

    at least her saying ‘you look like a dad’ wasn’t her way of making a certain announcement!!!
    We’ll have to trade weekend wedding stories soon!

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