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Around The House: Front Hall

March 24, 2011 by admin

First impressions are always important, and Sara and I were so happy to find a house with a nice foyer.  It’s the place we’d be greeting family and friends and welcoming them into our home and we wanted the foyer that could make a good first impression.   Here’s what it looked like just a little while ago…

Notice the abundance of more wood.  Wood on the floor, wood trim, wood doors, wood stairs – oh wait, and a RED RUNNER.

Here’s the view towards the front door…lovely.  Don’t you like the light fixture?  It’s made of shiny brass and clear plastic.  Which I guess was good because we hit it a lot when carrying things into the house.

Now you can see the stairs a little better with the first of two turns or landings.  I really liked that feature and the little window too.  There’s another window at the second landing so there’s lots of light.  The red carpet was something special.  We always joked about the star-studded ‘red carpet’ events we’d have.  And do you see that little sliver of door to the left?  A closet you guessed?

Nope!  It’s a closet that’s been turned into the world’s tiniest powder room!  Our brand new, state of the art powder room came complete with a boxy medicine cabinet, linoleum flooring and a gorgeous green toilet seat!!

And there you have it – red carpet, green toilet seat and lots and lots of wood.  Okay that’s the bad, but on the positive side, the foyer has a good amount of space, an interesting staircase, and nice original details.  Time to roll up those sleeves!


  1. LauraJane says:

    That looks like a laundry room faucet in your petite powder room, and interesting choice. The green toilet seat is something else… :)

    Your stair case is lovely though!

  2. carol ann from camdesign says:

    Oh so in love with the scale of that entrance, the room at the base of the stair railing is an amazing spot for a wonderful fabric topped bench…
    the window on the staircase is a great place for a fabric roman to work colour from the carpet to the window… the homes in Toronto are so amazing, nothing like that in Calgary… you are one lucky couple, have a great weekend./ Regards, CarolAnn

    • Thanks so much Carol Ann! It feels like a pretty special place, your right. But I’m sure there are some good oldies in Calgary too. Maybe fewer and far between? We actually live in a smaller city outside of Toronto, and probably like Calgary, mostly the area has new subdivision houses. That’s how we ended up in this older part of Oshawa, on the hunt for some charm.


  3. Mary says:

    Do you have a coat closet? Or will you be changing the powder room back to a closet?

    • Nope, no coat closet, but there is a side door (you know, the kind that leads down to the basement or through to the kitchen) so eventually that will probably be a coat dropping area, and I’m a big believer in hooks, so we’re going to incorporate those near the front door. In an old house, having a main floor washroom is a bit of a luxury, so I don’t mind not having the proper closet. There’s lots of other spaces for the coats.


  4. Shannon says:

    I can see the potential and can’t wait to see what you do with it!!

  5. Emma says:

    Yowza! That bathroom is…special. I would be tempted to turn it back into a closet.

    I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the foyer! Don’t make us wait too long for the after pics! :)

  6. naomi says:

    We have an almost identical foyer, including the window although our closet is still a closet! Funny, we’ve contemplated turning the tiny closet into a powder room. I can’t wait to see what you and Sarah have done. We painted our foyer Martha Stewart’s Grey Squirrel with the woodwork in white and love it.

    • It’s a great idea if you’ve got the room! And if you don’t mind using hooks for your coats afterwards. That’s funny about the grey, cause we were planning on using whetstone grey in the hall!

      Thanks Naomi!


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